The Hard Way



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Luke Goss as Mason
Randy Couture as Toro / Briggs
Adina Stetcu as Raluca
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darren_averett 1 / 10

Poorly Done

Michael Jai White is a decent actor with incredible martial arts skills. Please get him a script for a good movie!!!!!!!

Reviewed by lbellini-32486 2 / 10

Seriously? 4.6? Thats way too good for this crap

I think the director got the wrong script. Or maybe he got the right script but it was the first draft. I mean holly ***** . Nothing seems to be right in the film. Every scene is full of comedy. I mean it. Its like they have taken out all scenes from a video game. Remember old playstation 2 games? Like Driv3r and GTA san andreas and that stuff? Its like those scenes. But really like I said its just comedy. You watch and laugh. I think if this film gets enough attention it will turn to be a classic movie. Just like The Room

Reviewed by saima_pyke 1 / 10

Let's throw all the cliches and see which ones stick

Poorly written, poorly directed, terrible acting by almost everyone and the most outrageous collection of cliches I have come across in quite a while. Sadly, it doesn't fall in the "it's so bad it's good" category. It's just bad.

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