The Last American Hero


Drama / Sport

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Jeff Bridges as Elroy Jackson Jr.
Gary Busey as Wayne Jackson
Geraldine Fitzgerald as Mrs. Jackson
Ned Beatty as Hackel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bjeffreysmith 10 / 10

This film reveals how bad the Hollywood action movie has become 30 years later.

I watched this movie today on AMC and loved it. I don't know how well the film was received upon release, but in light of the current Hollywood narrative for action movies, Last American Hero deserves appreciation. It should definitely be considered an American classic.

The movie is a docu-drama based on the few years in the life of Junior Johnson, a famous stock car racer. A young Jeff Bridges brings the main character to life with a great performance, inspired and entertaining. The supporting cast is also excellent with Gary Busey as the brother and Valerie Perrine as the love interest.

All the elements of a great movie that time forgot: thrilling racing scenes, three-dimensional characters, humor, a complicated plot, and so on.. It's a shame that action movies today don't sacrifice some of the explosions, blood, and high-tech props for the type of entertainment and engrossment that Last American Hero delivers.

Reviewed by justinmgodell 8 / 10

The Cradle of a Nascar driver

This movie is what any NASCAR fan should see.

From the simple fact that not every driver comes with a clean background. You have to do what it takes to live. With that in mind and not giving the story away Jeff Bridges character Junior Jackson does what it takes to make the money. And that of course but racing. From the lower circuits to the higher ones This is kind of a fast pace movie, but its kind of dry. For the viewer that can sit threw the slow times and watch a movie for how a movie should be (for the story) you will enjoy it.

A good underrated movie, and I recommend you see it.

Reviewed by moviedude1 8 / 10

"It's the old saying about..."

Jeff Bridges stars in this fact-based movie as Junior Jackson, a former moonshine runner who goes straight from the back roads of the Carolinas to the muddy dirt tracks of NASCAR in an era when the sport was hardly known north of the Mason-Dixon line and the drivers liked their cars fast and their women even faster.

There was an old saying that NASCAR never did condone fighting amongst the drivers, but I can see where they got the saying that, "If you have to do it, though, make sure it's at the start-finish line." I did a little research on Jackson's career and the story here holds to the fact that he wasn't one of the "cleanest" drivers in NASCAR, but it does help to have that little bit of controversy among your driver(s) when it comes to putting butts in the grandstands. I was fortunate enough to visit the Legends of Racing Museum in Daytona a few weeks ago and met Jack Anderson, a former driver from that era, and I listened to some of the stories surrounding the times and it seems that everything holds true, which makes this a film portrayed very well in every sense of the word. If you're a fan of stock car driving at any level, this movie is for you! 8 out of 10 stars!

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