23 Minutes to Sunrise


Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 4.2 10 558

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Eric Roberts as Daniel
Nia Peeples as Rachel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tony-e-ruff 8 / 10

Loved this movie

I thought this movie was very good. I really like the characters and felt like I connected with Eddie. Some of the things that he was thinking out loud about are things that I myself have contemplated.

I thought the dialog was very well written and enjoyed the witty conversations between the characters. I especially enjoyed the manic-depressive type behaviors that the young criminal displayed. I have known people who actually behave like that.

Shelia's character was also very well played as she demonstrated the cycle of abuse to the viewer.

I also like towns like Sauget, IL and the gritty feel that they have. Thanks for reading.

Reviewed by Unshaken_Unstirred 9 / 10

A Faustian deal for the 21st century.

can you say Faustian deal? For those of you who aren't familiar with Faustus, it boils down to this: you make a deal with the devil (normally for power), he follows through, you never repent, he gets your soul. The story was most famously told by Marlowe, but it dates back to the middle ages or possibly earlier. This movie is short, and certainly low budget, but it presents an interesting angle on the Faustian deal: no ramifications. You are offered something you want, you say yes, you get it, you have to live with it. The characters are clichéd, but Faustian characters are always clichés. If you expect a movie with a 200 million dollar budget, this isn't for you. Also, if you are looking for a horror movie, this isn't one. That being said, this is an entertaining movie. the antagonist plays well. If there is one thing i would change about this movie, I would make it more about the girl accompanying him. The Faustian deal is presented but if they had included flashbacks to her life, they could have driven home why she was so unhappy. As is, it is left to your imagination, and at the end of the movie, i'd have still taken the deal. You're lonely and tormented? So is half the human race, and they don't get to basically be super heroes.

Reviewed by mecheart 8 / 10

A rare and interesting character study of the mundane and what may lie beyond

Few films these days dare to stand on characterization alone. Those rare ones that do seldom succeed to entertain let alone interest the viewer as effectively as '23 Minutes To Sunrise'. In an era of mega budget computer animated rapid fire explosions of simulated violence that the Hollywood of our age has embraced as neo religion, the experience of viewing a film that depends solely on the performance of its cast is highly refreshing.

Eddie is a young combat veteran lost in a quiet sea of introspection where a strong undertow of troubling memories perpetuates within him a cycle of longing for more than the mundane but finds him too comfortable to take that leap into what might lie beyond.

He works the graveyard shift as a cook at an all night inner city diner with Sheila the waitress, an attractive forty something southern bell whose eyes seem to constantly search ahead for a kinder relief from her rough and erosive life at the hands of an abusive spouse who spends his days smoking pot in front of the TV. Although she could never summon the courage to liberate herself, she is quick to offer honest aid to a complete stranger. She is a woman who knows that a higher form of thought exists, direly needs to experience it, but cannot comprehend its beginning.

Rachel and Ted - diner patrons - are a long time married couple who've passed their physical and romantic prime for one another. He is wholly insecure but has functioned as a passive aggressive in the long, failed relationship, and she is bored duller by his every word yet some faint gleam in her eye holds her in his presence. She is not quite ready to leave him, and he is certain she no longer loves him, and so is trying his best to push her away. Together their hesitant parting is an insufferable burden and yet they remain in each others company.

Donald and Grace are a young couple whose love can end or begin only in tragedy. She is a beautiful young woman possessed of a great ability to love even in the face of a man whose immature insecurities have cost the lives of random strangers. She has love to give, and no matter the depths to which he descends, she will ride into hell by his side if it comes to that. Donald on the other hand loves nothing - not even himself. Somewhere along the line he was disappointed so badly that that disappointment became first a soul wrenching self pity and then hatred of everyone and everything. The night he walks into the diner with Grace is the night his story ends, but not before an encounter with something his pathetic understanding of reality cannot comprehend. Grace could have done so much better in her choice of who to love.

Hannah has grown tired of life, of absolute loneliness in crowds and yet she appears to be a beautiful and interesting young woman that any man would fall over himself to meet and know. Her extreme melancholy causes her to reunite with an old acquaintance, one she remembers as having shown compassion if not pity, but he is a man who has never experienced either. She will meet him that night at the diner to seek from him that nonexistent mercy, to plead her case for a release from him to a better life. Poor Hannah just wants to be normal, to experience the mundane world that is all that the other patrons and employees of the diner have ever known and wish to escape - save for one of them.

Daniel. Oh, Daniel. A sly, debonair, joker that one is. Ready with a smile that could cut steel, ready to imitate the appearance of being alive ... so much so that an old acquaintance believes him capable of caring about her plight. And the cook, Eddie? Daniel knows him too. Daniel knows everyone. They just don't know it yet and that is better for them. For, as Daniel himself says "Few people meet me twice". Daniel is the wild card, the odd "man" in the room. His presence heightens the experience of all others involved and any normal person can smell quick doom in the exhalations of his cigarette smoke. Daniel knows the score no one else would dare to keep.

These characters come together in the diner, very late one night when the cool reality of a concrete sidewalk may be all that awaits beyond the door to the outside or where that first step might take you to hell itself. The interactions between the group are reason enough to see this film.

The characters are that good. Got a bit carried away, but at any rate check out '23 Minutes To Sunrise'. It's a surprisingly good film hailing from a small budget that provides more entertainment than many films with a hundred times the funding.

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