30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


Action / Comedy

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French Stewart as Herb Rosti
Tina Casciani as Selene
Danny Woodburn as Sluggy Kornnutz
Olivia Alexander as Liz Galen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Langley 1 / 10

Yes, I mad.

Every so often you find yourself being subjected to something that is so horrible you have to live through it to better explain to future generations how they can avoid such a fate.

30 Nights of Paranormal Activity etc. is not an example of that type of experience. This movie is so bad that you should not only NOT sit through it, you should give a proper Amish-style shaming to anyone who has watched it that mentions it afterward.

I've never been a huge fan of the 'parody film' but I understand why they get made. "People are stupid and they do stupid things, let's make fun of it" is a great idea that makes plenty of room for references and skewing of social norms and the subtle hilarity that resides in every aspect of our modern, unfocused American culture. Scary Movie took a bunch of really cheesy horror movies and poked fun at their terrible casting, writing, and the general lack of relevance to the overall point of life. Scary Movie stuck with one genre, a cast of established comedians, and was at one point or another clever.

30 Nights of Paranormal Activity etc. is not an example of that either. It pokes fun at movies, yes, but it's largely a sad collection of references mostly to Reality TV shows, surrounded by the over-arching theme of 'we film ourselves also it's a haunted house.' It's largely a 'spoof' of Paranormal Activity, and draws most of it's ideas from it. In fact, most scenes are copies of scenes from Paranormal Activity, with pale representations of characters from other movies replacing things like kitchen furniture. Also there is farting. Lots of it, and it's just as funny as farting has always been.

This movie, even for a B-movie, is awful. It's like Sarah Silverman wrote a horror movie and then decided it wasn't good enough to associate herself with. While I have no doubt that any normal person would find at least one moment in this movie laughable, it's not the 'it's so bad we're laughing' kind of movie you might expect. You should stay away from it unless you're stoned out of your mind, between the ages of 10 and 14, male, and your parents explicitly told you not to watch it. Although if you fit in that demographic I would like you to know that roughly 15 minutes in you've seen all of the breasts you're going to see in this movie.

I can only hope that Craig Moss has been expelled from the Liberal Arts College where he picked up the idea that he would make an even passable film-maker.

Reviewed by WalterSoprano 4 / 10

Terrible yes, but funny it can be at times

This movie is just awful of course but if you watch it for laughs it isn't to bad. I have to say the part where they go into the attic and find the Mr mayhem as a raccoon that is definitely one of the funniest things I have seen in a spoof movie. It did link all sorts of things quite well. However the movie was still very bad but I have to say it made me laugh quite frequently.

It is not a must see in anyway so skip it and you wont miss anything but if you can find some clips on youtube you would laugh hysterically if you have any type of a sense of humor. Is may be weird but this film has some very funny moments if it didn't have any funny moments in it this wouldn't even have a 1/10. This has a 4/10 for the moments that did make me laugh.

Reviewed by Dark Riddler 2 / 10

*yawn* ... *sigh*

One of the most boring films I've ever seen o.o This is supposedly a comedy, yet I haven't seen comedy worth of that name on it. The actors aren't bad (I liked Olivia Alexander, it has charm), though, so it was not their fault. But the plot, the way the film was made, the action, the satire... a hell of a awful movie. It lacked taste. It could have some potential but failed. A waste of time, which it was spent expecting the movie to get better - but it won't. "30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" also made me understand that Paranormal Activity titles are poor movies, despite the suspense that sometimes exist. Perhaps this isn't just my type of movie or perhaps i'm being too harsh - but not recommended /:

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