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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eduardo-peixoto 8 / 10

What a great surprise!!!

I did not read the manga, but I did watch the entire anime a few years back. The anime had 2 full seasons to tell the story, the movie had just two hours. So clearly while it is not as rich as the anime, the movie does a very good job given the time restriction.

I had no expectations when I started to watch it, however after 15 minutes I was a believer, and even if I didn't know the story, still a pretty decent movie. Very nice FX and a high quality production to it.

As fiction flicks goes, it is not for everybody, but If you like the theme and/or anime/manga culture, go for it for sure. And the sequel is already in the works, so we will get our Gantz fix soon enough.

Reviewed by eplanti 9 / 10

Great Adaptation of the Anime

I actually don't like film adaptations of anime, there's something crazy about trying to follow a series that's roughly 12 hours in length down to a suitable movie format of 1.5 to 3 hrs. What surprised me about the film adaptation of Gantz, is how well they adapted the idea of getting transported to a room relentlessly by a alien sphere to fight aliens shortly after your own death, instead of simply trying trying to mash the plot into a shorter format. They kept most of the aliens, but changed a lot to the series which is pretty refreshing after it had been out for five years. Also, the film is just as brutal and violent as it is in the anime, maybe even more so with the film's added realism.

Reviewed by book-nc 8 / 10

Better than expected, I still liked the anime better

I'm a fan of the original anime, though I never got around to actually reading the manga. I loved the brutality and tragedy of the original anime, so this movie had quite a different feel to it overall.

I liked the changes they made to adapt the story to a movie. There was a lot of back story with the characters that had to be ignored or compressed, but when you're focusing on 2-3 characters in 2 hours, that is to be expected.

Overall I liked the special effects, the casting was pretty good, and although I'm not sure about the changes in the ending they made, i'm OK with what they've done to make this into an interesting sci-fi movie that is worth watching.

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