A Good Day to Die Hard


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 14%
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Jai Courtney as Jack McClane
Bruce Willis as John McClane
Sebastian Koch as Komarov
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kmb_the_Nepali_reviewer 1 / 10

Franchise Killer

I don't even want to acknowledge this as a movie - forget about acknowledging it as a Die Hard movie. Some plotlines are recycled versions of the plotlines from previous Die Hard movies. In "Live Free or Die Hard" (2007) we saw McClane's daughter having daddy issues, now we get to see his son with daddy issues .... so original. I am not saying previous Die Hard movies were totally original, they were some sort of rehash of the first one or of the ones prior to them. But all of them were different at the same time. They had their own moments, the rehashes weren't a mere rehash. But this one? Holy crap! The rehashing is merely a rehashing. As it is clear from the trailer, they are gonna pit McClane and his son against each other ..... which sounds interesting. But as the movie goes on, and (no spoilers) they start getting along, the reason behind it is revealed so abruptly. It's not that you don't get a feeling of you're watching a not so good movie, right after the first 10 minutes or so - but right after the reveal, the father-son conflict seems so lame, the movie loses all its weight and the remaining of the movie feels tiresome. They put certain twists here and there - which I did not expected. But, none of them made any sense. In fact the entire planning of events that drive the story feels like a typical screenwriter's convenience relying completely on coincidences, and the coincidences are known to the planner prior to its occurrence - Spidey sense, I think. The "losing of weight" I mentioned is so much similar to "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and I happened to know that the monkey who wrote this crap, was also a co-writer of Wolverine 1. Also prominent in this movie is the weird characterization of John McClane - he is literally unkillable and is more invincible than Superman. Plus, he's an annoying @$$#0le. He isn't a "people loving" guy who kills just the bad guys. Looks like this writer is the one who made the clown out of Deadpool in Wolverine 1 - other writer of that movie being someone who wrote 25th hour and apparently unlikely to ruin a fan favorite character. Bruce Willis plays a parody of his most infamous character, John McClane and a shallow and ridiculous version of David Dunn from "Unbreakable" at the same time. He looks as interested to star in this movie as much as I enjoy the movie "Son of the Mask". Also, the actions are bad. They have no drama or character moments in them, they are noisy and too yellowish orange. At least they could've been well choreographed, but that would make this movie a little redeeming, won't it? Plus, they mock Hans Gruber as if it was so cool to do so. All it does is it pisses off the fans and simply looks ridiculous. And CGI - terrible. I am not someone who complains about CGI, normally, if it isn't absolutely bad. It looks so fake. Like I said just yellowish orange things that look like MS Paint edits converted into a video, of course with some whacky noise. Terribly written, inconsistencies everywhere badly directed and will piss you off completely. Yippee-ki-yay motherf****r, the makers gave us a franchise killer. It gets an "F" and a "0/10".

Reviewed by ivo-cobra8 1 / 10

This movie is not a Die Hard movie so where is McClane?

A Good Day to destroy the franchise! This review will contain spoilers. I love the first four Die Hard movies. I love Die Hard to death, this movie killed the franchise. John Moore please get out of the film business forever because you blow it!! Bruce Wills is bored out of his mind. We see Bruce Wills in this movie but not John McClane we know!!! He is not the main character. He is not the main hero but his son is! Why would I care about his son dammit? Die Hard was about one man army fighting against a team of terrorists. While in this movie he is unlikable sidekick!!! The movie is horrible digitally CGI filmed. The movie is about Russia again. I understand Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rocky IV Stallone films dialed with the Russians been bad guys and they worked that was different it was the 80's but this movie fails to be A Die Hard movie! This movie is painful to watch, it hurt my eyes. John McClane is a sidekick not a main action hero that he is, he is a laughing stuck! I was laughing my ass at Bruce Willis!

Die Hard 2 and Live Free or Die Hard are bashed from fans and critics but you know what they were not that bad at all. I love all 4 films to death all 4 films are great action films. This movie is awful painful to watch and it fails to be a good movie. R rating sucks too in here. No sidekicks anymore! Bruce Wills grove your hair. The movie does not deserve to focus on his children why would I care about his children?! Die Hard With A Vengeance did not need it another 2 sequels!! Live Free or Die Hard was still a good movie in my opinion, but it was not need it. This movie fucking sucks! It is a disaster! Where is McClane in here?! Where are his jokes?! Where is action in this?!

This movie sucks! The worst one in the franchise. From here it well all down hill. Not my favorite in the franchise I don't have it in my collection and I will never have it. This movie doesn't exist. You think how bad Live Free Or Die Hard is? watch this film it will hurt you! Watch the CGI glass falling on McClane and on his stupid son Jai Courtney all fake! They don't bleed they are both animated stupid brainless morons in here. Score 1/10 avoid this film like a plague. Bruce Willis retire and grow your hair already! John Moore and Skip Woods you both are scumbags both of you!! Thanks for killing off the franchise!!!

Reviewed by garrettholmes-68439 10 / 10

Such a great film

Going into this my hopes were high as the last installment in the series was truly amazing. This film starts with one of the best opening scenes I have seen in cinema, and a solid cast makes the constantly moving story-line both fun and interesting to watch. We return in this film to the same characters we all loved in the last one, each one bringing something new to the table as they are given their own stories. And of course no-one could forget Gandalf, such a favourite character whom we lost in the last film makes his epic return just as he did in the books. Now, with the fellowship estranged and the dark powers of Mordor rapidly approaching on the people of Middle-Earth the story becomes urgent for the characters, and through this a new threat of Saruman battles against the forces of the men of the Rohirrim. If you were to ask me, this is the best of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, and the best work of Peter Jackson.

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