A Guy Thing


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.6 10 16482

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Julia Stiles as Becky
Selma Blair as Karen
Jason Lee as Paul
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zeeshaan2 8 / 10

enjoyable movie with refreshing humour

I happened to watch this movie by chance some days ago while flipping channels. My expectations were not very high but it was an interesting movie.In 'A Guy Thing', Jason Lee plays Paul, a straight-laced, Seattle-based fellow who is about to marry his fiancée Karen (Selma Blair) and settle down to an unchallenging life of middle-class domesticity. We first meet Paul at his bachelor party, where he professes no desire to engage in any of the normal bachelor party type activities his (surprisingly few) buddies encourage, in case he's a bit naughty and gets into hot bother with his soon to be trouble and strife. Of course, the next thing Paul knows, it's the morning after the night before, he's in bed with a naked hula dancer, and his mother-in-law phones to inform him that Karen is on her way over. Oh, and the hula dancer is Karen's cousin Becky (Julia Stiles).

From this small acorn of potential trouble grows a mighty oak of frenetic misfortune, as Paul scrabbles from misadventure to misadventure, trying to cover up what he's done whilst keeping up the appearance of being a dutiful, family-oriented good guy, who's super-excited about his forthcoming nuptials. His efforts to ensure Karen remains none the wiser about any potential wrong-doing on his part ironically forces Paul closer and closer to the fun-loving Becky, forcing him to question whether he really wants the life that seems to have been mapped out for him. The movie contains the right mix of comedy and romance. Definitely worth a watch.

Reviewed by mr_lefebvre 6 / 10

Funny and simple, decent entertainment.

A Guy Thing was very funny, not intellectual humor, but just simple, fun humor. Jason Lee is hilarious as always and needs to keep searching for that role that is gonna make him a huge name. Julia Stiles is the definition of cute, anything that stars her is bound to do well. I was most impressed with Selma Blair, she has had many roles over the last few years, and she is a very talented actress and needs to go after some bigger lead roles; she has great potential. The story for A Guy Thing is very predictable (if you saw the trailer, you know the movie already,) but go see it for laughs, it really is a good time:)

Reviewed by freakfire-1 6 / 10

If only you had a chance with a girl's cousin

Maybe this is every man's dream? To have a one night drunken fling with your fiancé's cousin? Or so you think. Turns out, it becomes a headache to keep it concealed for long.

Enter panties left at the scene of the crime and everything just snowballs. From enraged police officers to wearing a wire for the FBI to bust such an officer, the movie takes one problem and turns it into multiple ones for the main character.

Like many 90s films of this genre, however, this one also has a happy ending. Sort of. But this one is unique that it has two love triangles in one. But I guess I am happy everybody else was happy.

Overall, the laughs were fairly good. So if you have a little time to kill, this will do the trick. "C+"

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