A Night to Regret



IMDb Rating 5.2 10 263

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Marguerite Moreau as Beverly Bilson
Tina Huang as Detective Morita
Gigi Zumbado as Sara Lopez
Mollee Gray as Chelsea Bilson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andremedia 7 / 10

Internet playfullness turns dark, revealing false friends

A relatively modern story blossoms further, aided by expert flourishes of art direction, cinematography and sumptuous music giving a bit of classic Hollywood production gloss.

Kevin McNamara capitalizes on this opportunity to play Jake Peters and delivers quite a large presence, turning out a disgusting villan, though we don't know how he got that way.

Mollee Gray plays student Chelsea and carries the movie like the pro she is, though she's 27 and appears to be playing a younger more naive character at times and not totally inhabiting the role. Mollee's ready to branch out.

Seasoned Marguerite Moreau plays the mom and is at times in her free-wheeling element but in other scenes feels confined to a persona she wasn't prepared for.

An international production flavor makes this an inviting watch.

Reviewed by phd_travel 6 / 10

Careful not to appear provocatively online or who knows what you might attract

One of the warning type LMN movies this thriller has a pretty high body count. A pretty girl makes a mistake doing some web show thing and attracts the attention of a wacko gym trainer who finds out who she is and insinuates herself into her life.

It's a fairly watchable cast of characters. The lead actress Mollee is good and acts scared when necessary, but Ms Moreau who plays the mom is a bit wooden and not anxious enough when required.

Worth one watch

Reviewed by rudolphyall 1 / 10

I forgot all the characters names because that's how boring they are

I've seen a lot of Lifetime movies in my day, and this is possibly one of the worst. Let's begin with the fact that these are possibly the most apathetic people I have ever seen in regards to a kidnapping. The boyfriend looked more concerned when he found out the main character (I already forgot her name because that's how un-impactful she was) missed class than when she was full blown kidnapped. Let's also not ignore the pure stupidity of the characters, such as when they decided not to report a stalking to the police. Or when they thought that they could take on a man who, in only the past 48 hours, had killed two people, kidnapped two people, and attempted to kill someone, and they armed themselves with only a baseball bat and the very fact that they are the protagonists in the film. My FAVORITE scene was the one where the boyfriend calls the mom while she's driving around trying to find the girl. The entire scene is shot just showing the mom, with the lines of the husband just thrown in. I mean we learned so little about the husband why even bother giving him more camera time? I usually enjoy a good ol' lifetime movie no matter how bad it is. That's what gives lifetime it's character. But with this one there were so many issues with just about everything that I couldn't even bring myself to enjoy it.

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