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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by iuliafacebook 8 / 10

I really liked it

I don't understand why the low scoring. This is a good movie in my opinion, with great acting, and an interesting story about connecting with people in our times.

Reviewed by melitaaleksa 10 / 10

Amazing acting

Such an extraordinary well-directed movie i almost didnt watch because of the ratings. However, the acting, the idea of depicting two lives, past and future in a studio room is brilliant. Actors did a wonderful job... Not a typical faorytale movie with a happy ending, but definitely a life as it is. Thousands congrats to the crew and a big thankyou to the director...

Reviewed by pierreboudehen 7 / 10

don't go ! it's actually good ;)

So I've found this movie, saw the trailer and was excited about it. It seemed like the movie I've been looking for a long time. Then I decided to read User's review beforehand (just to be sure) and almost decided not to watch it.

first of all, there are some flaws, yes but to me it doesn't deserve this kind of rating (like really ? worst than street fighter ?) at all. I get that it wouldn't touch everyone the way it touched me but it's not a bad film.

Two people in a bed for a day, giving a shot at complete honesty, and falling in love. the story is really good, I like it and wanted to see a movie like that for a long time, it reminds me of Two nights stand a bit (if you liked it give it a shot).

The moviemaking is not bad either, as I said not flawless (there is this weird 'let's take a look at the outside so we can fast-forward'), but pretty good. loved the dialogues, actors are good, not that much nudity even though they're naked during the whole movie, nor sex, at least not explicit.

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