The Rainbow Bridge Motel


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
IMDb Rating 4.6 10 47


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tr-83495 2 / 10

It's Too Bad

This is obviously written for a gay audience, but lacks anything in it that would be appealing to gay people. The theme is not interesting and has been overdone. The actors are OK, but you need leading men who are handsome in any movie, gay or straight, and the claustrophobic confines of the motel where most of the "action" takes places feels cloistered and smarmy.

It doesn't come together anywhere. Why greenlight a project you know is not going to work?

Reviewed by rshawnhoover-59446 2 / 10

Chris Modrzynski

Chris Modrzynski has to be the most irritating actor in the world. I hope I never see another movie he is in. End of story!

Reviewed by cekadah 2 / 10

Could have been a funny story -

  • But the actors (everyone) are allowed to over indulge in their characters persona which quickly becomes an annoying bore. Plus with an intelligent editor this story would have had a greater entertainment value if it were only 45 to 60 minutes long instead of the current 1 hr & 30 mins.

Funny idea for a movie but it failed in trying to tell the story.

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