A Timeless Christmas


Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 85%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 1851

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Kerry James as Nathan
Anne Marie DeLuise as Rosie - 1903
Zahf Paroo as Dan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by atlasmb 8 / 10

A Touch Of Sci-Fi

Kudos to Hallmark for reaching beyond the usual holiday-romance formula and adding an element of science fiction. This film includes time travel and the dialogue even mentions H.G. Wells' classic "The Time Machine".

Industrialist Charles Whitley (Ryan Paevey) awakens one morning to find he has been transported more than a century into the future. He meets a beautiful twenty-first century woman, Megan Turner (Erin Cahill), who decides to help him return to his own time.

The first part of this story is very similar to "Time After Time", which is an excellent film from 1979 (not to be confused with "Somewhere in Time").

The two leads are excellent in their roles. Paevey is fairly convincing as the human anachronism, balancing mild bewilderment with romantic interest.

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 7 / 10

A whimsical blast from the past ...... ignore the negative reviewers who just love to nit pick

I am quite sure that the negative reviewers who nit picked about the historical inaccuracies of the time traveler Charles Whitley (Ryan Paevey) who travels through time from more than a century ago would also freely criticize such classics as Ebenezer Scrooge seeing three ghosts, or Dorothy tapping her shiny red shoes to get back to Kansas, and God forbid trying to explain the flying monkeys? My point is just enjoy this whimsical Christmas romance and accept the story line that has a business owner time travel to the current period and find himself living in his house which ahs been turned into a tourist site with his mysterious disappearance still unknown for more than a century.

The tour guide named Megan Turner (Erin Cahill) sure knows everything there is to know about this mysterious businessman Charles Whitley from the late 1800's who suddenly just vanquished into thin air and left his fiancé high and dry at the altar.

If you believe in magic and enjoy a whimsical Christmas themed story then A Timeless Christmas will not disappoint you. Set your clock and be prepared to step back in time for a magical romance more than 100 years in the making. I give it a pleasing 7 out of 10 IMDB rating.

Reviewed by lisafordeay 8 / 10

A real good flick despite its familiar plot

A Timeless Christmas is a 2020 TV Romantic Fantasy Comedy starring Erin Cahill and Ryan Posey.

The film begins in 1903 where the dashing Charles Whitely(Ryan) is giving a mysterious clock which has an engraving about true love. The next thing you know and Charles ends up in the year 2020 where he meets a young woman named Megan Turner(Erin) who is a tourist guide for the Whitley mansion. So Charles has no recollection what is going on and poses as an actor pretending to be Charles. But when he falls in love with Megan and her vice versa he has to wonder will he stay in the year 2020 or go back to 1903.

Now I know what your thinking is this like Kate and Leopold (2001) or Somewhere In Time(1980) surprisingly it reminded me more of Kate and Leopold than the other film.

If you love those two movies I've mentioned then do check this one out.

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