A.I. Rising


Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi

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Stoya as Nimani
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leetheman-15701 9 / 10

For people who like movies about space travel !

A.I. Rising a.k.a. Ederlezi Rising is a low budget but really well-made scifier from Serbia focusing on the love story between a Slavic astronaut (does that make him a cosmonaut?) and a female cyborg sent to be by his side during the decade-long trip.

Obviously, the pilot starts using the cyborg for his own pleasure, but she's so advanced that he falls in love with her. After falling in love, the astronaut wants to liberate her from the operating system and turn her into a person but the results are way off the mark.

The film opens with an introductory text explaining that in 22nd Century capitalism sort of colonised the whole space and now socialism is back. The astronaut's trip is related to this issue as he is supposed to "install" an ideology in Alpha Centauri. I was intrigued by this ideological bend but film didn't develop that further even though it seems the filmmakers are interested in this-maybe they are saving that for a sequel?

Anyhow, after this political introduction the film turns into a quirky relationship drama and all those considerations if a person is able to love a machine and vice versa.

Direction is really elegant and arty. Photography is fantastic and this film looks like a major accomplishment for its crew. Stoya makes her mainstream debut in this film and all I can say is that she should change her day job and start doing serious cinema. She is talented and really persuasive as the cyborg chick.

I'm a sucker for space travel films and this one is a quirky addition to this genre. Its science is not most accurate but the heartbreaks it shows are real. I definitely recommend this film to people who like movies about space travel and sci fi in general but also to people who like to see offbeat relationship dramas.

Reviewed by tiresija 8 / 10

Sexy and disturbing space journey

I liked it. A lot. It's a low buget film, but very well made. I loved the visuals and directing, as well as adult star Stoya in the lead female part. She is great as a sex robot, a real joy to watch. Her body language is superb, as I was very suprised by her acting skills. An art film set in space and filled with sex.

Reviewed by italia76 7 / 10

more indie drama romance in sci fi setting

I gave it 7 since its interesting film with good music, sound, setting, photography and I liked the actress. story-line could be better but the film is more indie drama in space then your ordinary sci fi film, and that is why for me its a 7. could not give it more because of the male actor and story-line .

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