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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kellibusey-07946 1 / 10

Boycott Indie film "Adam" a feeding frenzy of transphobic tropes

Its like transgender people are laughing at Focus on the Family and TERFs while confirming that the lies they spread are true.

Seriously not edgy, it burns into the souls of trans exclusionary feminists, the same people who have hijacked pride parades all over Europe.

Adam, a cisgender boy pretends to be a transman in order to trick a lesbian cisgender woman into sex which results in her sexual conversion (after multiple sexual encounters).

Reality check. Trans men do not have fully functioning penises.

So two of the most toxic often anti trans tropes broadcast by the 'GetTheLout' crew was brought to the big screen.

Add to that going to a Lesbian sex party disguised as a transman just to get his jollies and infiltrating Camp trans at the Michigan womyn's music festival, seen as the very last bastion of femininity by TERFs, you have to wonder why it was made in the first place.

Reviewed by jvmiller-41227 10 / 10

I don't think any of the 1 star reviews have actually scene the movie

Just because a movie makes you uncomfortable, does not mean you should censor it.

Reviewed by jenniolson 9 / 10

What a beautiful film

This is a complex, original, sophisticated and beautifully made film by a transman director and a cis lesbian writer that has so much to contribute to dialogue in the queer community in this particular moment when we all need to be having nuanced conversations rather than reactionary shut-downs. While the plot sounds problematic on its surface - a straight cis male teen ends up having a relationship with a lesbian who believes he is a transman - the film is very clearly offering up commentary on all kinds of issues and themes within the queer community and it is neither transphobic nor lesbophobic. It is really so unfortunate to see such a vicious campaign being waged against it by people who have not actually seen the film.

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