The Long Shadow



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deloudelouvain 7 / 10

The good old white supremacist, the real inferior being on this planet.

Yet another good documentary about racial inequality. Personally I don't think you can have enough of these kind of documentaries. They should be shown in classrooms, make it mandatory to watch, so that you understand most about the American history in only ninety minutes. The Long Shadow is very educating, with alot of facts and old footage. Not immediately the kind of documentary that will leave you with a happy feeling as all of the founding fathers of America were slave owners and therefor also racist, thinking of the black man as an inferior human being. America, land of the free (that must be the biggest joke ever), land of opportunities (if you're white yes). I wouldn't compare The Long Shadow to 13th, even though it's both about racial inequalities. Both are documentaries everybody should watch.

Reviewed by tdadpete 9 / 10

A Companion to "13th"

Frances Causey takes a brave journey into her own family history in this timely film. A southern white film-maker dares to learn for herself the racial history of her family. The result is a film both personal and public. It is historical and contemporary. It belongs beside Ava Duvernay's "13th" as expose and catalyst for racial understanding.

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