Air Strike


Action / Adventure / Drama / War

IMDb Rating 3.3 10 2552


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Bruce Willis as Jack
Adrien Brody as Steve
Rumer Willis as Julia
Bingbing Fan as Ye Peixuan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rokuhpr 1 / 10

Truly awful!

Yes, the CGI was good and interesting for the first 5, 10, 15 minutes but after that it is repetitive and predictable. The story line is absurd and predictable as well. You know what will happen next. The dud bomb will go off just when everyone thinks they are safe. The Japanese will bomb every building but the next day there are new buildings to bomb. The Chinese are right on the spot wasting precious water putting out fires that are just burning sticks. This movie is an embarrassment. Unless they were paid I don't see how anyone could rate this a 10. Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by rcjett 1 / 10

Worse movie of 2018

Rumor Willis was only in the movie for 1 minute Brody maybe 2 minutes Bad acting Mostly computer generated effects Terrible acting Expected a great Bruce Willis movie

Reviewed by thospa 1 / 10

Biggest Mistake of My Life!

I've dated crazy women. Drank too much alcohol, and then drove. Eaten meat that sat out too long. Bought single ply toilet paper. Drank water in Mexico... And still, watching this movie qualifies as the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE! People.. Don't walk, or even jog away from this one.. SPRINT! Easily the worst movie to ever slide into my DVD player. Im currently vetting local attorneys, as I plan to file a lawsuit against REDBOX, and the entire Willis bloodline for this one. I mean, what an absolute dumpster fire. Do not watch this movie if you value your time on eartg. I'm disgusted with myself, and anyone that watches AIR STRIKE after reading these reviews.. I give you my word when I say, This movie blows!!!

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