Losin' It


Comedy / Drama

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Tom Cruise as Woody
Shelley Long as Kathy
John Stockwell as Spider
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dave CT 10 / 10

Good Movie

I saw this on Comedy Central Back in 1996 a few times. I loved the movie. I found it quite funny and cute. A good teen type movie. I would recommend you see this movie with a whole bunch of friends, cause it's good like that. Good movie.

Reviewed by jadavix 6 / 10

A bit trite and clichéd, but well made (that rhymed)

Considering how endless the supply of horny teenager movies was in the '80s, it's not surprising when actors who would become big stars turn up in them. Consider Johnny Depp in Private Resort and Tom Hanks in Bachelor Party. Oh, and Tim Robbins in Fraternity Vacation and Kevin Bacon in Animal House. Rarer is a director who would go onto bigger and better things, which is what we have here. Curtis Hanson won hearts and minds over ten years after this film about teenagers trying to lose their virginity when he made LA Confidential, and later, 8 Mile.

Losin' It is a lot better made than the majority of teen sex movies, but that is not saying a whole lot. Most of them were clearly turned out as quickly and cheaply as possible; it was not uncommon for the boom mic to make several uncredited appearances in these movies, and the lack of budget showed in other ways, like very few inner location shots: the characters may be in high school or college, but we'd rarely see the inside of a classroom.

So while Losin' It has a much better director, better actors and a better budget... it really doesn't have that much going for it. There's the usual fast talking, utterly sex (and Frank Sinatra) obsessed teen, played by Jackie Earle Haley, and the also usual shy, more sensitive teen, played by Tom Cruise. There's also the sullen and aggressive Spider, played by John Stockwell, and Haley's mercenary younger brother, who joins them on their trip to Tijuana to buy illegal firecrackers he can sell across the border.

They get into the usual hijinks involving hookers, cops, and trying to hit on the wrong girls. There's also an older woman who comes along for the ride to get divorced - can you guess which of the guys mentioned above she falls for?

I wasn't that interested in the exploits of these characters, clichéd and simplistic as they were, past the halfway mark, but at least they spent time on the inside of buildings other than the director's house, and the boom mic didn't keep mugging for attention.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10

A Tijuana Odyssey

Losin' It is the film that Tom Cruise got first billing in. On the strength of being more than noticed in Endless Love, Taps, and The Outsiders, Cruise got the lead in this minor teen comedy that made quite a bit of money back in the day.

Cruise, Jackie Earle Haley, and John Stockwell are three high school kids from the Eisenhower years who are looking to have a good time in Tijuana. Unfortunately they can't make the trip without John P. Navin who is Stockwell's brother because Stockwell came up short of cash.

Along the way the three of them pick up Shelley Long who is a young married who runs a convenient store on the way with her husband. Our three heroes just happen on her store when she's having a knockdown drag-out with her husband, culminating in Long walking out on her husband to hitching a ride to Tijuana to get a quickie Mexican divorce.

The rest of the film is about their adventures in Tijuana and their escape from there. I do say escape because Stockwell and Haley get into some serious trouble down there in separate incidents. They manage to get some marines on liberty down there mad at them and they fall into the hands of a crooked Tijuana cop played by Henry Darrow who really likes jamming up young Yanqui snot nose kids.

Cruise has an adventure of a different sort with Shelley Long in her pre-Cheers days. He's the only one who gets some enjoyment from Tijuana.

If there's a moral here, there's two of them. First there's no such thing as Spanish fly and second Tijuana is not a good place if you don't know the ropes.

After this Tom Cruise did Risky Business which cemented him as a teen idol and after that All the Right Moves which proved he was not only a box office draw, but a very capable actor.

As for Losin' It, it's an average teen sex comedy without the presence of Tom Cruise would barely be remembered.

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