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Blythe Auffarth as Annette
Lauren York as Desa
Vedette Lim as Angel
Malea Rose as Lleva
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rg-77254 8 / 10

Space habitants collide with earthlings in this smart, trippy, comical romp.

Earth ain't so easy for these space habitat gamers and the multiverse repairman who must send them home. Smart, fun, campy, original, out-of-this-world entertainment--well worth the ride!

Reviewed by characterdefects 9 / 10

Fun sci-fi

Flashout is a fun and funny campy ride into the multiverse. If you like sci-fi with a sense of humor you'll enjoy it. Jonathan Goldstein is great as the Repairman. Good FX for an independent film but it also has a story so it's not just FX like some sci-fi movies. Hot chicks flashing out, what's not to like?

Reviewed by troy-boulton 4 / 10

Fun B-movie multiversal frolic

Flashout is a cute indie production that deftly mixes faux quantum physics, multiverse theory and a multi-orgasmic romp into a package that manages to deliver a number of laughs without seeming excessively contrived or tedious.

This is not an A-lister, big budget film, and those who participated in its creation clearly had that firmly in mind as they crafted this silly sci-fi adventure. This film does not try to be anything other than what it is, and by keeping in its lane, it managed to hold my attention and provide a reasonable amount of (mindless) entertainment.

At times, the dialogue and plot were nonsensical, both intentionally and unintentionally, and likewise, at times the acting was thin on skill - but the film held itself together well enough to be watchable until the end. There were moments of high-camp greatness where the film seemed to be a distant offspring of silly classics like 'Dude where's my car" and "Barbarella", but alas this was not sustained consistently - if Flashout had managed that feat, I would have scored it a solid 6.

Not one to put high on your "must watch" list, but leave it somewhere on there for a grey, rainy day.

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