All the Right Moves


Drama / Romance / Sport

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Lea Thompson as Lisa
Craig T. Nelson as Nickerson
Chris Penn as Brian
Terry O'Quinn as Freeman Smith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 10 / 10

The Future Is Not in Rustbelt Pennsylvania

As Stefan Djeordjevic, Tom Cruise wants to move out of Ampipe, Pennsylvania as badly as George Bailey does from Bedford Falls. He plays football, but harbors no illusions about a career in that direction. The pros won't take anyone his size so he just wants to get to college to study engineering. His working class father and brother can't get him there and as a B student no academic scholarships are in the offing. Football really is his life.

The difference between Bedford Falls and Ampipe is the difference between a rising and falling economy. If you remember in It's A Wonderful Life, George Bailey gets Sam Wainwright to re-open the old glass works for a plastics factory instead of locating in Rochester. There's a future in Bedford Falls, like there is none in the Eighties Ampipe where industry is relocating to the south and even out of the country. The future is definitely not in rust-belt Pennsylvania.

Everybody wants out of that place except those with no future. Cruise's girlfriend Lea Thompson is jealous because as a band-member there ain't no scholarships for him. The coach Craig T. Nelson wants a winning season so he can get a prize college coaching job. All his other players have ambitions like Cruise.

All the Right Moves was Tom Cruise's sixth film and first dramatic lead, it's the film that made him a star. He was first billed in Losin' It and Risky Business, but this one showed what a good actor he was. If it wasn't for All the Right Moves, Tom Cruise's career would have faded with the eighties.

Lea Thompson gives good support to Tom and Craig T. Nelson is far from the coach that we see in Coach. He's a bitter driven man and not happy when some in the town toilet paper his house after a loss and he sees Cruise on the scene.

Paul Carafotes and Christopher Penn are a couple of other football players whose lives take an abrupt change in direction by other reasons than football. Best supporting player in the film though is James Battico who's stayed all his life in Ampipe. He turns out to be a malevolent creep, very similar to Robert DeNiro in This Boy's Life.

Ampipe stands for American Pipe&Steel. The town, the high school is named it. But the very name I'm sure gives rise to other less flattering nicknames that I'm sure anyone reading this will come up with.

All the Right Moves is one of the best coming of age films ever made and should never be missed when broadcast.

Reviewed by jagardner66 7 / 10

So I'm at my parents house the other day.....

Ah, the classic 80's film, the big hair, the bad lighting, the lame music, everything that embodies the great American films of 1983. And "All the Right Moves" is no exception. I'm 24, and just viewed this movie for the first time last week by stumbling upon it at my parent's house while I was visiting for the weekend. Why do you care? I live in Johnstown, where this movie was filmed (as was 1977's Paul Newman classic "Slap Shot") and I had never heard of this film! So, I find this dusty VHS copy and take it home with me to view. As i pull it out of its slip sleeve, a yellowed napkin falls out; with Tom's autograph on it! Turns out when I was about 1, my parents brought me down to Johnstown to ride on the Inclined Plane, and I was introduced to Tom Cruise. I never knew?! So knowing that, I had to give the movie a thorough watching, and I must say, I have a little pride that that film was shot here. It was an enjoyable movie, although the ending was a little dry. The sad part of the film is, all the activity and energy that takes place in the movie with the steel mills is no longer here. The mills have been shut down for about 20 years, and the city is pretty much in a depressed state. It's good to watch the movie just to get a glimpse of what this area use to be. So watch it, enjoy it, heck, you can even rent it from the rental place a block from my house. That place is called "All the Right Movies." Enjoy! P.S. For the Kid's sake, It is rated R for strong language and some intense nudity.

Reviewed by romanorum1 6 / 10

Those Steel Mills Are Largely Gone Now

Ampipe (Johnstown, PA), a depressed and gritty steel town located just outside of Pittsburgh is in obvious decline. It had been founded long before by Ampipe Pipe and Steel when steel was big. In the old days young men left high school, acquired a job at the mill, married, fathered children, and bought a house while they were still young. Most of the local men still work at Ampipe, but layoffs are increasing. Enter Stef Djordjevic (Tom Cruise), a cornerback for his Ampipe High School football team (The Bulldogs), who wants a college scholarship to an engineering college, his ticket out of town. He displays his Penn State pennant on his bedroom wall. Stef resides with his father (Charles Cioffi) and older brother, Rick (Gary Graham), both of whom work in the mill.

Stef doesn't always act in a nice way but is generally likable. His problem is his attitude, which drives his Coach, Nickerson (Craig T. Nelson), mad as a hatter. Stef does not always listen to his coach's teachings. Stef maintains a B average at Ampipe High, not good enough for a college scholarship. So he needs football as his meal ticket. Stef happens to be a very good defensive player, although he is not the star of his team. Meanwhile Coach Nickerson too is looking for a way out of Ampipe, as he has a chance to become defensive backfield coach at Cal Poly. The coach is tough and no-nonsense, and really works his players hard during the practices. He is less than perfect, and when players make mistakes, he considers them as quitters on the team.

Even though the movie revolves around high school football, it is more about inter-personal relationships than about the gridiron. In fact, the big game against the Knights of Walnut Heights, a richer school undefeated and ranked number three in Pennsylvania, occurs only half-way through the movie, not at the denouement. And yet an interesting well-filmed piece does involve the road game: the long bus journey to Walnut Heights with the players thinking their individual thoughts, the tensions in the locker room, the pre-game prep talk, the long spiral football spinning through the air, the hard hits and grunts in the rain, and the eventual heartbreaking loss.

Nevertheless, the important matter is the story of life, as when the two teen-aged protagonists (Stef and Lisa, Lea Thompson) finally get around to expressing their true feelings. Secondary characters have their stories to tell. There are the men, laid off from work, who drown their sorrows in the local gin mill. One young man in financial difficulty becomes desperate enough to commit a robbery. A life-changing event involves a cheerleader who becomes pregnant. Then there are the antics of a bar room bully. Stef himself becomes tense as his expected football scholarships fail to materialize.

In summary the plot is decent, and even though the movie is not a great one, is still worth watching.

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