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Jewel Shepard as Momma Myers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by quinn317 7 / 10

slow burn horror with a good payoff

Sometimes I think the general public does not know the meaning of real "indie" films. A list celebs do "indie" film which are still backed by LOTS of money. With that said is a true indie horror film. For those of you that have short attention spans or a need to see blood spattering every ten seconds this is probably not a film you will like.

Instead you will get character development and subtle context in the dialogue. This one is a slower burn and draws you in. There is a discomfort in the film I love. You know something is off with certain characters but can't pinpoint what it is. The last 25 minutes of the film are brutal and does a good job of trying together everything you've watched.

It's fun, sexy and has good performances. Def worth a watch.

Reviewed by Fancytower 3 / 10

Not the Worst

I agree with other reviewers that the music is atrocious, just awful and ruins the movie. Also, I wish low budget films would STOP using a flashing screen. If you have to use a flashing screen to get a mood across, you've already failed. It's almost as if this director has more equipment to make a film than he needs and tries to use it to mask lack of creativity.

For an Independent film, it isn't the worst I've seen. I thought the film looked good and the acting wasn't horrible. The plot isn't that original and the movie is slow. But all in all not a bad effort.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 2 / 10

Another boring 'cabin in the woods' type film

SLASHER.COM is yet another indie horror going for the routine 'cabin in the woods' premise. It sees a young couple heading off for some remote rural fun, only to discover that the landlords of their holiday home are more than a little creepy. This one has some REALLY bad acting, and it's cheap and nasty looking to boot. The only (mildly) interesting thing about it is that the landlord couple is played by Jewel Shepard (RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD) and R.A. Mihailoff (who played Leatherface in, er, LEATHERFACE).

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