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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheOtherFool 4 / 10

Bad Movie

It took the death of director Verstappen to show this one on TV in the Netherlands. Knowing that we normally don't have much of a problem with nudity on screen, Blue Movie must be something else.

And it is. The story and acting are laughable (apart from Metsers), and only serves to have Michael having sex with as many women in one flat as possible. Really, really silly.

The story tries to make some points near the end with a suicide but it's hard to take that serious after having witnessed one sex act after another. We sure have a sorry movie industry if this one is concidered as something of a classic.


Reviewed by Hans-56 2 / 10

Slow and awful by today's standards

This was a huge success in 1971 in Holland. It was Dutch, had sex in it and was more or less rebellious. Many people saw the movie, even though not everyone admitted to have actually watched it! It was the era the Dutch got loose from their religion. They started to be more open minded. In this respect this movie should not be underestimated. It is a monumental step in Dutch history.

But now we are almost 40 years later. Seeing the movie again is an ordeal. It turns out to be a very weak film indeed. The soft core sex scenes are awful at best. The acting is terrible. The story line is ridiculous. And the movie is ssslllooowww...

Still part of the atmosphere around 1970 is captured very well. The location (the Bijlmer area in the South of Amsterdam, now slums mainly, then brand new) is well chosen. But I am afraid that is the only positive remark I can make about this disaster on celluloid.

You want to watch a comparable movie with more or less the same theme, but well acted and with a good story? Try Turks Fruit.

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