Char Man


Comedy / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Jeff Kober as Kent Bridewell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Defenseman13 1 / 10


Come on guys, at least a few people made fake accounts with only one review (this movie), but when the name of the producer is in one of the usernames? Unethical guys. As another poster said, dishonesty is as bad as lousy cinema.

As far as the actual movie goes, I enjoyed seeing Ojai (lived there for a five years), but the novelty of saying "I know where that is" or looking for your car wore off in five minutes. Literally nothing happens in this movie except for a few kids in masks looking through windows or appearing in a hallway, and grating characters that freak out over nothing. Not sure how this is adding anything to the genre.

In the end, as an Ojain, it also feels like a disservice to the town. Zero decent establishing shots of a unique town, instead it's just the Blair Witch Project (without any supernatural stuff). I was shocked that someone could drain anything picturesque or scenic out of this town, but these guys found a way. Sad too, because there's so much actual lore and fun regarding the Char Man myth (there's hot sauces and bands named after him), as well as a town full of colorful characters and rad business owners that could have been interviewed. The Vine (the place they shot behind for a few scenes) is literally full of theater actors. So much missed potential. But hey, that's what happens when randoms don't research towns.

Reviewed by waynezendo 6 / 10

It was watchible but dragged a bit

Ok then the story is 3 men making a documentary, they travel to this town and they wonder around the town talking about the char man but its starts getting wrong for them watchible thats all

Reviewed by howyb 10 / 10

How it's done.

It's tough to take a genre that is so popular and make a unique spin on it. Although found footage horror has been done before, not to this standard with twists and turns such as found here. Quality acting with quality filmmaking makes this film not one to miss. It takes guts to take a chance in this industry. To make something your own. This film achieves that and then some.

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