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Noureen DeWulf as Terri Webster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kelliknowlton-682-220064 4 / 10

Swim Fan?

Tired of the tired old remakes with an updated (tinder) twist. This was literally Swim Fan. The female even looks like the psycho from Swim Fan.

Reviewed by shakercoola 6 / 10

Social media hell

A dark, tawdry tale of a supremely confident and contemptible young advertising agency archetype who dates women for sexual gratification using a gamified dating app. The film is probably most similar to Clint Eastwood's "Play Misty For Me" in the way the story unfolds: one night stand followed by avoidance, obsessional tendency before a second night; female becomes antagonist and won't stop. In the end, the theme is not one of portraying the excesses of masculinity in the digital meat market, nor that there will always be one crazy person out there, but that we are good judges of our own mistakes but a poor judge on the mistakes of others. The film is at least a believable take on the dark side of modern dating, showing the dangers of online engagement and it stays clear of a typical storyline where villians are set up to be knocked down. It's surprisingly effective as a thriller despite its narrow scope. My verdict is not 'sideswipe'.

Reviewed by calicut110 7 / 10

Give it a shot

I was really pleasantly surprised by this film. If you like thrillers then you should give this a chance. There is a very nice surprise as well that you don't expect. Nice work to the film makers.

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