Amityville 3-D



IMDb Rating 4.1 10 5772

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Meg Ryan as Lisa
Lori Loughlin as Susan Baxter
Tony Roberts as John Baxter
Tess Harper as Nancy Baxter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aaron1375 6 / 10

I thought this Amityville was full of cheesy fun.

There must have been a law in the 1980's that stated that if you are to make a third film to a set of horror movies you must make them in 3-d as this was one of them, along with other such fine films as Jaws 3-D and Friday the 13th part III in 3-D. Sad to say, but I enjoyed all these movies even though I know in my heart of heart they were all bad movies. However, just because a movie is bad does not make it non-entertaining. Well at least to me it does not...perhaps to a more mainstream viewer, I admit I am a little more offbeat than most people to say the least. This story has a guy moving into the Amityville house for whatever reasons after he proves this one little group of people are fake psychics. Through a series of events though he begins to find out just how real the horrors are in the house that has had cast evil upon all those who lived there. I have to say the movie is not as graphic as the second movie, but it has a lot more to it than the first movie in the ways of scares and such and it has a nice conclusion too. Still the movie has to many 3-D moments too to be a really good movie. You know the scenes, pointless scenes where they aim something directly at the camera and such. Still, the movie runs at a fast clip and is entertaining to watch, plus you get to see a young Meg Ryan in one of her first roles.

Reviewed by trancejeremy 7 / 10

Actually, not bad at all...

Probably the best movie of the series, I think. Okay, that's not saying much, but it's actually quite enjoyable. And probably the strongest, plot wise.

A magazine writer who happens to debunk psychics ends up buying the infamous house for cheap, blackmailing the current owner (a realtor, who is worried about his reputation, he had leased the house to two fake pyschics). And wackiness ensues. But it's not over the top at first, more general creepiness. There's nothing really special effect wise until the end, at which it does get a bit silly, but it's quite a finish.

It was originally in 3-D, and so you see a lot of shots that were intended to capitalize on this - frisbees thrown at the camera, flying swordfish, etc.

Also notable about this movie, it's the source for a quote frequently sampled by My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult.

Reviewed by veryape-887-913905 5 / 10

Enter the gateway to hell

A new dimension in ultimate evil has been added to the story to what has probably become the world's most notorious haunted house in America.

A magazine writer's investigation into a séance turns to horror when an abandoned well beneath the basement floor turns out to be the gateway to hell.

This film starred: Tony Roberts, Tess Harper & Meg Ryan

In my opinion this wasn't one of best entries in the Amityville film series, not the worst but no where near the best. It had a bad plot about the gateway to hell being a well in the basement. 93 minutes wasted in my opinion, it had a couple of entertaining scenes but nothing special.

**/***** Poor.

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