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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sydniejimerson 10 / 10

I can barely express myself about this movie

In giving a movie ten stars I feel like I really have to explain why but I'm not sure I even can. The first reviewer on this movie talks about how boring most of the movie is but I have to say I disagree. Although I can see how some people might not be enraptured by parts of the film I really enjoyed all of it, even the parts that seemed unimportant. I thought the acting was amazing, everyone did a perfect job, there were humorous parts that sort of caught you off guard and you CANNOT help but sympathize heavily with these characters.

And then there's the ending. I have to agree that the ending is the best part of the film, and I also have to say that I never cry at movies.

I really don't. I might get teary eyed at a sentimental or touching scene but I have only actually cried at a movie maybe twice in my life. I cried at this movie a LOT, and rather heavily. And at the end I sat through the entire credit reel just crying and crying. I generally don't like sad movies but this was beautiful and tells an amazing story about friends and what they'll do for each other even in terrible situations no one should have to deal with. It's short, and perfectly so.

And I'm just not sure I can express beyond this how much this movie has EFFECTED me. I will buy it at some point and it will be in my list of top ten movies of all time. I'm shocked by the low viewer ratings but I do realize a lot of people have a hard time with "slow moving" films and I suppose this could qualify as one but the slow moving plot really sets the mood and gets you attached to the characters before the end. And I just must say I loved this movie.

Reviewed by mayadreamer 8 / 10

Beautiful, memorable, heartrending, and transcendent

The performances are intriguing and, in particular, Cumberbatch is memorable and often mesmerizing as James, a terminally ill young man. The scenery is beautiful, and the backdrop of the Welsh coastline thematically frames the friends' journey to help James visit his favorite place on earth. Although death is often the emphasis of reviews, the film plays up the importance of love and friendship, highlighting just what makes us alive.

The audience likely will recognize or identify with a personality or two among the four friends making the journey to Barafundle Bay, but the film doesn't resort to "types." The friends have different opinions about their own--and each other's--lives, but they share a bond that can't be broken.

As other reviewers have noted, you should stick with the film for the final payoff. Undoubtedly you'll be left with something to think about--and shouldn't that be one aim of a good film?

Reviewed by zebidee32 8 / 10

Beautiful film with excellent performances!

I really enjoyed this film. The script is written with warmth and compassion, sensitively realized by Hattie Dalton and is very impressive for a first feature. It's beautifully shot and really showcases the stunning Pembrokeshire locations. The acting is strong from the whole cast, with an inspiring central performance from Cumberbatch. Hugh Bonneville's cameo appearance is unexpected and very funny - a must see for fans! With a sharp script and well drawn, believable characters the film takes a refreshing approach to the material and stays with you long after leaving the cinema. Definitely worth a watch.

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