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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davidwertwyn 3 / 10


"A group of teenagers..." Use the titles opening description to guide your decision making as it applies to watching this film...I wish I had.

Reviewed by omendata 3 / 10

Potential wasted!

Started off really well, lots of atmosphere, good sound effects and great photography of the Arizona desert then it all went to pot - literally!

Confused acting and poor script, running around screaming, illogical acts of nonsense and you do not even get to see the monster or history of where it originated from. No characterisation either.

Could have been good but sadly it was another Elmer Fudd!

Reviewed by politehere 2 / 10

Trust me. You don't want to see this

OK, practically nothing happens two thirds into the movie and when something does happen, it lasts for 5 minutes and only a few minutes is left before the credits start to roll. There is nothing scary here. Not a single jump scare works. The characters are not likable either. You're going to watch a few lame teenagers drink alcohol and use drugs in the middle of the desert. They don't even party or listen to music. That sums up 95% of the movie for you. This movie is plain boring and the ending is the most meaningless I've ever seen in my entire life. OK, I actually got what happened in the end, but it still gets the prize for the most meaningless and boring ending in the history of cinema. Someone here said the movie is well-shot and has good acting. Sorry, but being well-shot and having good acting do not save a movie from being boring unless of course it is a drama. We're talking horror movies here. Trust me. You'll be doing yourself a favor by pretending this movie never existed. The only thing good about it is that the people involved in the making of the movie have not filled the IMDb with fake 10/10 reviews like many other movies. I'm giving an additional star for their being honest.

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