Anna to the Infinite Power


Drama / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 433

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Loretta Devine as Ms. Benson - Schoolteacher
Mark Patton as Rowan
Jack Gilford as Dr. Jelliff
Dina Merrill as Sarah
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by niki87 10 / 10

A movie before it's time

From the first time I saw this movie I was haunted by the content & the extraordinary performance of Martha Byrne who was only 12 at the time. Martha didn't have to say much, all you had to do was watch her expressions to know what the child was going through. The writing was excellent & the actors were awesome (especially Ms Byrne). Although I saw this movie at least 15 yrs ago, I never forgot it & have often wondered why it isn't being shown on TV now with all the DNA & cloning in the news. It's taken me 15 yrs to get a copy of the movie & when I watched it again tonight, it was even better than I remembered. This movie would be a classic if enough people were able to see it. Mark Patton plays the older brother who doesn't quite know what to make of his genius but precocious sister. Watching Anna discover herself & gain the respect & help of her brother was a beautiful example of what siblings (even squabbling siblings) can be when love is present. This is a movie that I've never been able to get out of my mind & now that I've seen it again, I never want to forget a moment of it.

Reviewed by TD-11 10 / 10

The Brilliance of this movie is timeless

I first saw this movie over 20 years ago. My memory was of the basic plot, but I had forgotten all the subtleties as well as the film's brilliance. I honestly can't think of a film that is as haunting and captivating as this wonderfully told tale. Martha Bryne puts in an all time great child actor performance and Donna Mitchell plays a great mentoring taskmaster. I can only imagine that the premise of this story while probably completely fiction would be well within the realm of possibility in the modern world. As scary as the film is, it gives great hope for the human spirit to overcome pre-disposition and also shows the importance of heart and feeling over mechanical perfection. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys thought provoking and well written movies.

Reviewed by jonathanruano 6 / 10

Anna to the Infinite Power - An undiscovered gem

"Anna to the Infinite Power" is a straightforward film about Anna Hart (Martha Byrne) going through puberty. Yet what makes this film more original than many other films dealing with the same subject matter is the creative science fiction plot supplied by writer-director Robert Weimar. Anna Hart is a child prodigy when it comes to science and mathematics, but she is also anti-social and a kleptomaniac. Anna's behaviour mystifies her teachers, her brother, and her parents. Then one day, Anna sees another girl who looks exactly like her on the television set and she embarks upon a series of adventures that culminate in her entering a psychiatric facility. While all this is happening, Michaela Dupont (Donna Mitchell) takes a strange and even a somewhat disturbing interest in Anna Hart. We have no idea whether Michaela's intentions are good or evil, which makes her into an enigmatic character for most of this movie and adds to the suspense.

Most of the plot is fine. The movie falls significantly short of greatness, however, because the cast is not particularly strong. Most of the acting is amateurish, particularly from Anna Byrne, Mark Patton, and the actors playing the parents. Their performances come across as staged and even annoying. Donna Mitchell, on the other hand, has some good scenes, but falters in other scenes. The only actor doing anything fresh is Jack Gilford (Dr. Jelliff) right at the end, who masks his malevolence with a benign paternalism. There is also a 20-minute sequence with Anna sneaking around the psychiatric facility which kids may like, but which seem pretty unconvincing to teens and adults. As a result, I decided to downgrade by review because this movie's effectiveness as an entertainment suffers from a poor cast and some problems with the plot line. Yet I did admire Weimar's attempt to do something original and fresh with his subject matter.

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