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Albert Finney as Daddy Warbucks
Tim Curry as Rooster Hannigan
Aileen Quinn as Annie
Shawnee Smith as Dancer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by loueysmith 9 / 10

Love this classic!

I showed this to my 2 year old today and she absolutely loved it, was so engrossed! I think it's lovely that even with all the new flicks that are way more updated these days, a child of this day and age can still love an old classic like this...I just shows you how wonderful a movie it is. I don't think there's one member of the cast I didn't think was great in this, they all play a fantastic part. I have watched part of the Jamie Foxx (couldn't make it through the whole thing) one and and all of the Victor Garber version and they're not a patch on this one. The Victor Garber one was watchable, but it felt rushed and in parts out of place...for instance, they have the song "yesterday was plain awful" in it, yet have cut out the action scene where Rooster tries to hurt it makes no sense to still have the song! There are a few other scenes that also seem a bit off as well. The acting for all parts in that one seem good, with the exception of Miss Hannigan, she was meant to be a raving alcoholic man eater and she actually tried to save Annie at the end...much better this way. Kathy Bates was a disappointment. I liked both Graces, however prefer the one in this version as she has far more charm and a fine singer and dancer! I also love that "we got Annie" is in this one. So, to sum up...1999 version is watchable but 1982 is outstanding!! The other is just plain crap. I knocked off one star, for the fact in this version, Miss Hannigan ends up at the party, I know she tried to save Annie at the end...BUT, she'd been a crap to all the kids throughout, not exactly caring or nurturing (just cared about getting drunk and men) and she was part of the scheme of tricking Annie. So seemed a bit weird she was not only let off with all that, but made a part of the celebration at the end!

Reviewed by Taylor Bowe Mcardle 7 / 10

A Timeless Classic, but with a few issues

I recently sat down this week and watched this film for the very first time, It's exactly as everyone has described...a very charming and sweet film that any age would enjoy. It has many broadway style songs in the film to make it even more fun. While it's a great film it does come with some issues and these are just my opinion alone so let's get into it..

Pros: Casting for Orphan Annie was a perfect fit, Aileen Quinn played the part beautifully and Albert Finney as Oliver Warbucks was spot on.

Carol Burnett had all the funny lines and nailed them (Personally was the best part of the movie)

Great writing

Had a few good songs but there were actually a couple I didn't think were necessary and I'll get into that in a bit

Cons: As I was saying before, While the movie had some good songs there were like two musicals numbers I didn't think were necessary like "We got Annie" and "Easy Street"

Bernadette Peters character just absolutely looked bored and wasn't really interesting enough

(Spoiler) The chase ending, Look I think this part could have avoided having Annie hanging off a bridge and just have Punjab rescue her from the top of the bridge and knocking Rooster down would have made more sense. But I'm not the director

Overall, It's a great film but with a few little nitpicks I have

Reviewed by Laura Hall-Schordje 6 / 10

I Wanted to Love This Movie

I really wanted to love this movie. I have the original cast recording and have known every song by heart for years. It was a good musical, there is a phenomenally talented cast, but it just doesn't work that well on the screen. I am not sure who to blame--director? producers?--but it seems over-produced and underwhelming at the same time.

I am watching the end of the film as I write this, and in the last few minutes I have seen helicopters and elephants and fireworks. There is a hugeness to this production that sometimes overwhelms the characters and story. In an effort to make the musical less stagy on the screen, the musical has lost its sense of being a musical. Just before this final scene is extended chase drama that does nothing to heighten tension but simply serves to drag out the inevitable happy ending. Sometimes less is more.

At the same time, there is an underproduction to the musical numbers that hurts it as well. For example, when the orphans dance and sing the choreography seems sloppy, like it has not been rehearsed enough or at all. While the effort may be to look natural, it comes off as poorly done. Musicals are NOT natural. They require we suspend our disbelief enough to accept that people break out into song and dance. That the singing and dancing are sloppy looking doesn't make it easier to suspend disbelief. It simply disappoints.

Ann Reinking is amazing among a very talented group of actors I have admired in other productions. They do their best here. But the production is not worthy of the talent gathered here. You may enjoy it, but it is sad when Annie is watching a scene at the movies and those (long, long) clips of a film within the film make you care more about THAT movie than the one you are watching.

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