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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wmorrow59 9 / 10

Something a little different from the boys

From the moment this movie begins we know we're in for something a tad unusual. In the early talkie days the folks at the Hal Roach Studio experimented with a new format for delivering opening credits: instead of simply filming title cards in traditional fashion, they built a spiffy Art Deco stage set, complete with proscenium arch, and hired a pair of young girls called the Crane Twins to march out onto the stage to deliver the film's credits verbally. The girls, who are dressed as bellboys, speak in unison at first, then alternate, then bow in tandem as they conclude. The effect is quite odd and (inadvertently?) funny, and kicks off Another Fine Mess on a curious note. The twins introduced several concurrently produced comedies featuring Charley Chase, Our Gang and the 'Boy Friends,' but this marks their only appearance in a Laurel & Hardy movie. I find the girls rather endearing myself, but in any case Roach's experiment with spoken credits didn't last long.

Enter Laurel & Hardy chased by a cop, and we're back on familiar terrain. And yet things aren't quite so familiar after all, for it soon becomes apparent that this film has a different feel from the average L&H comedy. There's an actual plot, comparatively little slapstick, and an unusual amount of verbal humor. It's no surprise to learn that Another Fine Mess was based on a stage sketch, because once the boys seek refuge in the house where most of the action takes place, it does indeed feel like a stage act is underway, as they engage in an extended routine involving disguise and mistaken identity, with some farcical elements included for good measure. Ordinarily Laurel & Hardy didn't place much emphasis on dialog humor as such, but here they do, and happily the material is pretty funny. (Interestingly, the sketch that served as this film's source material was written by Stan Laurel's father, who was a theatrical manager and playwright, though it was said that the old gent did not approve of this adaptation.) In any other L&H short the guys would've spent five or ten minutes trying and failing to enter the house, but this time they've got a rendezvous with The Plot and not so much time for physical shtick.

As it happens, the guys have taken refuge in the home of Colonel Buckshot, who has supposedly departed for Africa. His servants, who were entrusted to rent the place out, have also left for a weekend vacation. Complications ensue with the arrival of a honeymooning couple, Lord and Lady Plumtree, who are interested in renting the place. Even bigger complications are set in motion by Ollie's decision to open the door to the couple in order to get rid of them, which forces Stan to impersonate the butler, which in turn forces Ollie to impersonate Colonel Buckshot, which in turn forces Stan to impersonate Agnes the maid. That's what I love about this movie, that decisive moment that starts the ball rolling. All the guys had to do was ignore the doorbell and wait for the couple to leave, but then they wouldn't be Laurel & Hardy, and we wouldn't have this fine mess to enjoy.

It's amusing to watch Ollie brazenly attempt to assume the role of the wealthy Colonel Buckshot, behaving the way Ollie believes such people behave, and he's well matched by Stan's quick-change impersonations of Hives the butler and Agnes the maid. I especially enjoy the scene between Agnes and Lady Plumtree. We have to assume that Thelma Todd's barely suppressed laughter throughout the scene is genuine; I mean, playing opposite Stan in drag, listening to him ramble on and giggle nervously, who wouldn't crack up? While it's true that the musical score and sound effects used in Another Fine Mess are somewhat more emphatic than the typical Roach comedy of the period, as an earlier reviewer pointed out, I feel this gives the film an agreeably wacky, "cartoon-y" feel suitable to the situation. I love the moment when the real Colonel (Jimmy Finlayson, underplaying as usual) returns home and tries to grasp what has happened. His furious response prompts the silliest wrap-up ever contrived for a L&H short. It's a laugh-out-loud ending -- it was for me, anyway -- and it ensures this movie's status as a treat for comedy connoisseurs.

Reviewed by dataconflossmoor 10 / 10

Another Mess is Fine!!!

Laurel and Hardy are simply hilarious! They incorporate slapstick and basic comedy to a pleasant pinnacle of perfect acting performances!! The talent of slapstick, which relies on a lot of physical humor,is misconstrued by the movie audience as just being silly! Hence, it is not given it's just deference. The movie "Another Fine Mess" pokes flagrant holes in the day to day petulant actions of the well to do!! Laurel and Hardy's chicanery and wild antics are once again, totally unintentional in this film, that is what makes them so funny!! The early days of movie making almost seem incomplete without Laurel and Hardy!! I found their movies and skits to have a totally innocuous reliability to them!! Such theatrics of whimsical mannerisms reflect the innocent days of yesteryear!! In evaluating these Laurel and Hardy movies, there is such a dark side to so many people who star in them!! Such disconcerting callousness is put in a flippant perspective, and should be taken with a jaundice eye!! I could watch Laurel and Hardy reruns over and over again, they definitely fall into the category of timeless entertainment!! "Another Fine Mess" is one of Laurel and Hardy's better efforts, and I recommend to anyone who is just in a mood to be amused, that they watch this movie.... THUMBS UP!!!!

Reviewed by Hitchcoc 10 / 10

They Could Act!

After a weird reading of the credits, the boys find themselves in a mansion where the staff has disappeared. The millionaire, Colonel Buckshot, is off on a Safari. In order to avoid the police, who are after them, Stan and Ollie must impersonate the absent Buckshot and the maid, Agnes, and Hives, the butler. Their interactions are priceless and the story is well scripted. Everything rolls along fine until Buckshot returns. The byplay between our two buddies is priceless. The inimitable Jimmy Finlayson is Buckshot and his quick responses to the craziness in the house are great. But Stan and Ollie really steal the show. Oliver, with his improvised take on a millionaire, and Stanley, once again in drag, stealing every scene. One of the best of the best.

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