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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by agsconsulting2874 9 / 10

Genuine - Worth Watching

This is a real review, by a real person. You can check my other reviews to verify that.

I thought the movie was well-done. The acting was excellent. I was impressed by the talent and power of the these young actors and look forward to seeing more from them. The visual effects were quite good, and I really felt like I was watching something that was filmed in the past when this actually happened. The film moved well, and moved me also. It flowed well, and kept my interest throughout.

I won't go into the story line, as other reviewers have done a good job of that already. I will only say that it is a story that needs to be told, especially since it is based on actual events. The real-life characters are shown in the end credits next to their movie counterparts.

I recommend it without hesitation.

Reviewed by TheTopDawg 4 / 10

You'll want to pass on this fake mess

I saw all these perfect 10/10 reviews and decided to give this film a go. What a mess. Visual effects guy John J. Budion turned wannabe writer & director seems to have spent more money paying for fake reviews than bettering his production! Out of 26 reviews, the 22 10/10's are all fake! Pretty sure the only real review besides mine is the generous 6/10. Don't be suckered into watching this garbage like I did with these clearly obvious fake reviews!

For a visual effects guy, you'd think he'd ease up on using an orange washed out filter throughout the entire film. The 'true' story was poorly told with a very slow pace, the directing clearly a mess, and the actors were poorly directed. At 90 mins run-time, it felt like 150 mins.

I get this is John J. Budion's first attempt at writing and directing, but don't lie to your audience by fooling them with these fake reviews. Now I will never see a film by him. 8.4/10 ya right, at best this film is a 4 or 5. Don't waste your time on a writer/director that has to lie to their viewers. Let's see how many more fake top reviews are posted after mine.

It's a 4/10 from me.

Reviewed by mcleary-35418 10 / 10

Great Coming of Age Story

Rockaway is a great story about two brothers, a group of friends, and a family that goes the lengths for each other. Taking place in the summer of 1994 in Rockaway, New York, the film brings back the nostalgia of pure good trouble-making fun with friends while learning the reality that each of your friends has a whole world inside of them. Coming from different homes and backstories, the story centers on brothers John and Anthony, who protect each other from their abusive father they combat with themselves to love, understand, and live with. No matter how bad it gets at home though, they know they have each other and their friends-- a true team. The boys learn to endure and get past the pain through sticking together, but not without a journey along the way. Rockaway stands as a great coming of age story for a boy growing up, turning learned behavior into absolute love.

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