Art of the Dead



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Tara Reid as Tess Barryman
Richard Grieco as Douglas Winter
Jessica Morris as Gina Wilson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jviso 1 / 10

I think the other reviewers are insane

Nothing about this movie is good. It's an insult this has an 8.3 right now. The horrible acting really compliments just how boring this is. This is coming from someone who loves awful horror/ horror comedy.

Reviewed by Darkwalker173 3 / 10

Should Have Known Better

Before I get to the review I have an idea that could perhaps, if not eliminate, greatly reduce all these fake reviews by people involved in the production of the movies they review with "10" 's.

1) All ratings from new accounts do not count towards the sum total until the account is at least 3 months old and the account has rated let's say 500 movies.

2) All reviews are not visible until the account is at least 3 months old and the account has written a minimum of 20 reviews.

These are simply examples of what could be done to remedy this wildly out of control trend on IMDb from members of production wasting our time with their fake reviews and further wasting our time by fooling us.

Why did I write that? Because even though I should have known better, the fake rating of this movie actually fooled me into thinking this was a decent movie. As I write this, there are 126 votes of "10" and 133 votes of "9". And if the 259 people who thought this movie was near perfect or perfect are not somehow involved with the production I will eat my hat.

This movie is simply awful.

Horrible acting from people who should seriously look into other career options as they will end up waiting tables for their rest of their lives and a washed up Tara Reid who at one point in her career actually had some promise but let alcohol and endless bad decisions lead her to these types of movies.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this, it's not even a "so bad it's good" type of movie, it's just dreck.

Reviewed by goldenageoffilm 5 / 10

Night Gallery Episode Knockoff

The writing is what spoils this film. The plot, character work and dialogue is extremely poor. The plot is too simple and is expected from the beginning. The characters are stagnant and have no growth. The dialogue is just poor. Writing is a 2.

The acting is better than average and deserves a 6.5. Once again they were not given a lot to work with.

The Director should have made dozens of script changes and failed to do so. I'd give him a 6.

The Cinematography was a 6.5. My advice stop using just one main viewpoint.

In the end it was ok.

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