The Animal


Comedy / Sci-Fi

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Adam Sandler as Townie
Rob Schneider as Marvin
Scott Wilson as Mayor
John C. McGinley as Sgt. Sisk
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MMartian 7 / 10

Exactly what I expected...

Let me preface by saying I am a fan of Rob Schneider, and of Adam Sandler. I enjoyed Deuce Bigalow, and all (except for Big Daddy) of Adam Sandler's movies. So I basically was expecting some (Ok, a lot) of low-brow humor, a decent plot to keep rolling through, and to laugh throughout the movie. This movie provided just that. It wasn't the greatest comedy in the world, or a landmark motion picture, and it wasn't made to be that. Colleen Haskell's skills at acting reminded me of when they put a "famous" non-actor on Saturday Night Live, and don't give them too much to do in the skits. She's only in the movie probably a total of 15 minutes, but does what they ask of her, and does a decent job of it. The movie is a hoot, and doesn't actually stoop to every joke being a f**t joke. I laughed about every 3-4 minutes, and enjoyed the ending as well. If you're expecting something similar to Deuce Bigalow, you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 8 / 10

I Have To Admit: This Is Pretty Funny

This was just plain funny and very entertaining throughout the goofy 83 minutes. Crude? Yes, at times, but what modern-day comedy isn't lately? The PG-13 rating is a joke. With all the sexual stuff in here, "R" is more appropriate.

Some of that sleazy stuff, to be honest, was pretty funny, though and there isn't much profanity.

Rob Schneider, as "Marvin," lays his goofy Deuce Bigelow-type character on us, trying to get the pretty girl "Rianna" (Colleen Haskell).

I really thought this would be a stupid film but Schneider's animal imitations are hilarious and, overall, this a very fast-moving, silly-but-lots of laughs film.

Reviewed by Skeletors_Hood 6 / 10

Not bad. actually funny

I liked this movie, even though I feel the trailer made it seem more funny than it actually is. Still, its enjoyable, and has the type of unbelievable humor that I like, that goofy off-the-wall ingredient that really good comedies have. Worth a watch or two.

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