Atlantis: The Lost Continent


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 1367


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Paul Frees as Narrator / multiple voices
William Smith as Captain of the Guard
Edward Platt as Azor the High Priest
John Hart as Nobleman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10

Catch of the day

At the age of 14 I liked Atlantis, The Lost Continent because I had 14 year old tastes at the time it was in theater. George Pal produced a really neat show for juveniles and it came out at a time when Italian studios were turning out dozens of these films based on classical ancient times.

Looking at it more than five decades later I can now appreciate the great cast of character players brought in to support a pair of less than charismatic leads. Any film that has John Dall, Edward Platt, Berry Kroeger, Frank DeKova, Jay Novello, and Edgar Stehli should not be missed.

Our leads are Anthony Hall as Demetrios a poor but humble Greek fisherman who catches Joyce Taylor a princess from a far away land. She's run away because she doesn't want to marry Dall and considering he's more than a bit off kilter who could blame her. She still insists on royal prerogatives in dealing even with her rescuer.

In the end Hall takes his little fishing boat beyond those Pillars of Hercules at the mouth of the Mediterranean and they find Atlantis or Atlantis actually finds them in a metallic submarine that Dall is captaining. After that Hall is taken to the island of Atlantis where Edgar Stehli is the king, Taylor his daughter, Kroeger a mad scientist physician who has created a race of mutants, DeKova the court astrologer and Platt a priest. Each one of these people gets to strut the stuff that we expect from them. Pal gave them all their heads and they run with it. As an adult this is what I love this picture for.

Especially Dall working that death ray machine. The man is truly achieving orgasm as he zaps people into non-existence with a phaser like device. The Atlanteans all dress in classical Peplum style, but have made some really far advances.

Juveniles will still love it, many adults will too. But as Atlantis falls, didn't someone think to save that submarine. Whoever did would be ruling the planet.

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci 7 / 10

Not Top George Pal...Some Colorful & Creepy Highlights

Puppetoons Creator and Legendary Sci-Fi/Fantasy Director/Producer George Pal was Short Changed by a Stingy Studio, and a Writer's Strike on "Atlantis". Pal was Forced to Beg, Borrow, and Steal Scenes from other Films and Corners were Uncharacteristically Cut and the Result was this Mediocre Movie in the Pal Canon.

After many Fantastic Foray's into Moviedom with Bonafide Classic and Fun Films, this one turned out to be a Disappointment and nowhere Near the Quality of His Best efforts.

There are some Things that are worth Mentioning as Highlights. The Sets are Garishly Beautiful and Otherworldly. Color is used to Enhance the "Extravaganza" and some of the Production is Remarkable.

But, Overall the Stiff Acting, the Rambling Story, and the Horrific Pacing do this "Matinee Movie" No Favors. There are a few Creepy Scenes that were Unsettling for its Target Audience, the "Kiddies", mainly involving the "Man-Beasts".

Although not a glaring concern, there are obvious references to Monotheism attached and Judaeo/Christians get a Shout Out, as was often the case in Sci-Fi of the Period.

Worth a Watch for the Better Parts and can be Escapism Fun if You let it. Those Looking to Find "Atlantis" Facts and Folklore are going to be Let Down.

Reviewed by davidjanuzbrown 5 / 10

Fair Movie

Is this a great movie? Not at all. The things I remember as a kid are 1: Joyce Taylor( Princess Antilla). 2: Ed Platt ( the Chief from 'Get Smart") giving a great speech. 3: The death ray. 4: The fact that the slaves escaped and went back home and it is inferred that they made their civilization's greater.Spoilers ahead: The key is that Atlantis would have destroyed the entire human race ( because they were far more advanced and evil then anyone else( turning people into animals (long before H.G. Wells ' The Island Of Dr. Moreau')) which is why it had to be destroyed, and every single Atlantian as well ( except Princess Antilla of course). She goes to Greece with the Greek fisherman Demetrius ( Sal Ponti) who saved her and brought her back to Atlantis. Is she good? Not at all. She turns him into a slave. But at the end she is salvageable, and the only good Atlantian ( Azor the High Priest ( Platt)), has Demetrius marry and bring her back to Greece with him. 5/10 stars mostly for looking at Joyce Taylor.

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