An Affair to Die For



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Claire Forlani as Holly
Titus Welliver as Russell
Jake Abel as Everett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by abutterflyloves-360-624687 8 / 10

Suspense Thriller

This could have been a mini series. Very well done. Had a "The Sinner" feel to it the entire time, and in a good way. Would have loved more backstory on each character. So much angst every single minute. Hard to write a review without giving anything away. Watch this movie!

Reviewed by deloudelouvain 7 / 10

Deserves a better rating.

I am surprised by the low ratings and the bad reviews it got. After watching An Affair To Die For I think this movie clearly deserves a higher rating. To me it was an entertaining movie, a story with alot of twists and turns, some that you see coming and some that you don't, but overal there is a constant suspense hanging throughout the movie. I doubt this could happen in real life but that doesn't matter to me. When I watch a movie like this one I want to be entertained, and that's exactly what I got, entertainment. The acting was okay expect for Claire Forlani. She just doesn't have it to be a good actress so that was the minor point to me. A good little thriller worth watching.

Reviewed by fdhodges 6 / 10

Not bad ... some missing pieces

Stumbled upon this movie wasn't expecting much. Started off eeegh then I heard have fun with my wife ... my ears perked to see what was to come. A lot of twist and turns but some things over the top or left out. Too many NOE WHY IN HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT OR NOT THAT came into play. I watched it thoroughly like I said not bad but not the greatest yet held my attention though.

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