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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 5 / 10

Very low budget 70's exploitation film with problems but with plus points too

Axe is yet another very low budget exploitation flick that would be very obscure today was it not for the fact that it gained lasting notoriety as one of the infamous video nasties. These were of course films deemed criminally obscene by the British authorities back in the early 80's as a consequence of the unregulated home video boom. Furthermore, Axe was one of the 39 titles that remained on the list to the very end and so is regarded by purists as one of the 'true' video nasties. Having just seen it, it doesn't really warrant such a label as, while it has its moments, it's hardly all that shocking even compared with many other similar films from the time. It does appear to have taken a lot of influence from another more notorious video nasty, namely Wes Craven's The Last House on the Left (1972). The story-line has some pretty obvious similarities. Three criminals go on the run after killing two men and wind up at a remote house where an unstable young woman called Lisa lives with her paralyzed grandfather. They subsequently terrorise these people but the gangsters are in for a shock when Lisa enacts vicious revenge on them.

I got the feeling when watching this one that its fashions implied that it might have been made in the early 70's as opposed to the specified release year of 1977. If this is so, it hardly seems so unlikely as this is an ultra-low budget affair with quite a number of deficiencies about it due to the inexperience of the film-makers and the obvious limitations of the production. It's exactly the kind of movie that could conceivably have sat on a shelf for a while before a distributer picked it up. Whatever the case, it seems to have been released as a film that would make up only part of the bill at the American drive-in circuit. It only clocks in at just over an hour and even the credit sequence is very elongated to extend the run-time (so protracted that I even picked up on the very minor trivia fact that the make-up artist was Worth Keeter the future director of the Pamlea Anderson soft-core classic Snapdragon (1993)). Despite the minimal run-time there is a pretty obvious lack of material and the film has many scenes that seem to just be padding. Little is explained in the film in terms of character motivations or background, things just happen. Aside from the lacking story, it's not in all honesty a very well-directed or edited film either.

Yet despite all this, it does have something. The very low-key and minimalist approach does achieve a certain strange atmosphere and it's also shot reasonably well. The lack of any background or explanations does also inadvertently give the whole endeavour a somewhat enigmatic feel, which kind of works in its favour at least to a certain extent. I suppose it mostly falls under the rape/revenge sub-genre of film, which was quite popular at the time. It isn't really a very graphic example of this type of film though. Although I did find think the nastiest scene was the one where two of the bullies terrorise a nice cashier girl in a convenience store. They stop short of either killing or assaulting her but they humiliate her nevertheless. It was a scene I found very unpleasant to tell you the truth. The subsequent, more typical rape/revenge material was done in ways that was less disturbing oddly enough. Overall, while it's undeniable that this is a film with pacing problems, it does have a lo-fi ambiance that ensures that it's worth a watch, especially if you like 70's exploitation.

Reviewed by drownnnsoda 7 / 10

Brisk, unpleasant, and surreal, like a hatchet blow to the head

This no-budget schlocker follows a group of criminals— two of them unabashed chauvinists — who murder two gay men and then take off into the countryside to hide from the police. They come across a rural farmhouse where a young woman lives with her mute paralyzed grandfather. Expecting Southern hospitality, they get a little more than they bargained for.

"Axe" (also known as "Lisa, Lisa") has been on my "must watch" list for years now, so I'm happy to have finally seen it. The plot here is nonessential; there really isn't a story to be told. Writer and director Frederick Friedel takes concepts from other indie schlock films of the era ("Last House on the Left" comes to mind, as well as "I Spit on Your Grave," though "Axe" predates it) and moulds them into a tight-knit mood piece that is engaging in spite of the fact that it really goes nowhere.

There are few thrills to be had here and the unfolding of the skeletal narrative is lugubrious at best, but there is something to be said for the film's moody presentation. At times the cinematography evokes an almost documentary feel akin to Tobe Hooper's "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," and the languid farmhouse setting is quietly sinister. The characters are fairly one-dimensional; among the criminals are the two ruthless killers/chauvinists/rapists, and a sympathetic sidekick who actually possesses a conscience. The character of Lisa is inarguably the most ambiguous, lounging around the farm in a white prairie dress when she's not cutting herself in the bathroom or butchering chickens. The acting is sub-par but overall decent given the type of film this is.

Maybe the strangest thing about it is how brisk it is. The film barely runs over an hour in length, and this fact paired with the loose narrative ends does give the sense of an underdeveloped concept, although the quirks that come with its underdevelopment are perhaps what make it most memorable. In spite of what the advertising would have you believe, the gore is minimal, but the film is appreciable on an aesthetic level— especially for genre fans who find the notion of an unhinged Laura Ingalls wielding a hatchet to be inexplicably fascinating. 7/10.

Reviewed by poolandrews 5 / 10

Unpleasant sleazy exploitation horror film.

More widely released under the title 'axe'. Three men, Steele (Jack Canon), Lomax (Ray Green) and Billy (director Frederick R. Friedel) break into an apartment. They lie in wait for the owner, Audrey. It becomes clear that Steele is in charge but Billy is uncomfortable. When he eventually arrives home with his gay lover Audrey is brutally beaten to death by Steele and Lomax, and his friend jumps out of the nearest window. The men decide to escape the city for a while and lay low in the countryside. After terrorizing a girl (Carol Miller) who works in a shop by making her strip and trying to shoot apples off her head, they end up at a remote farm house where a young girl named Lisa (Leslie Lee) who looks after the farm and her paralyzed grandfather (Douglas Powers) who sits around all day in his wheelchair watching a T.V. that doesn't seem to work properly. They more or less invite themselves to stay. Once again Billy is uneasy about the idea, but since he is implicated in a murder he reluctantly goes along with it. Later that night Lomax tries to rape Lisa, she reaches over to a table beside her bed and pulls a straight razor out. From then on Lisa turns the tables on her tormentors and turn them against each other, before eventually calling the police. But what will the police find when they turn up? Will the criminals escape? And will Lisa and her grandfather survive? Written, directed and starring Frederick R. Friedel this is a sleazy little exploitation film. It's script is mildly interesting, as Lisa switches between murderer and innocent child, Leslie Lee's performance is actually rather good. In fact most of the cast are OK in their roles, even though there are only ten characters in the whole film. But no back story is given to any of the them, we don't know how Lisa's grandfather was paralyzed or why Steele and Lomax beat Audrey to death in the opening sequence, any of their surnames, none of them are developed. There is no real violence or gore in it, just a little bit of blood here and there and a decapitated chicken. Technically the film sucks, the photography is jerky and the lighting is non-existent so you can't see whats going on during scenes at night, the sound is poor as there is a constant hiss all the way through and a lot of the film seems dubbed, and the music is awful and becomes annoying very quickly. But the film does have a real sleazy atmosphere about it, and entertains to a point. The film only lasts just over an hour which is just as well, but it did seem longer. Worth a watch if you like this sort of thing, but casual viewers should avoid it.

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