Horror / Thriller

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Nadine Velazquez as Maya Sanchez
Bex Taylor-Klaus as Violette Paich
Thomas Kretschmann as Dr. Andre Mason
Josh Stewart as Casey Blackburn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by depwilkerson 1 / 10

My phone was more entertaining

I don't really like to look at my phone during movies but here I am, trying to find anything to find interesting about this film. I will say the special affects are good. I guess some of the actors are ok. But god was I bored out of my mind. I felt like I was watching flatliners mixed with a goosebumps story. I don't normally say "don't watch" but seriously, don't watch.

Reviewed by rudygerst 1 / 10

Painfully boring

I stopped watching after 30 mns, because I knew I would regret this wasted time of my life if I continued to watch. This movie is horrendous. Horrible science (yeah, we are scientists, let's all gather in a house and have all of us take the drugs". Terrible acting. Nothing happens except for stupid jumpscares. This story has been done hundreds of time. Don't waste your time watching this one. It's totally not worth it, unless you want to die from boredom.

Reviewed by the_nephilim71 1 / 10


Quite honestly, one of the worst movies that I've ever seen. Saying this movie has bad acting and a plot full of holes is being kind.

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