Baby for Sale



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 312

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Dana Delany as Nathalie Johnson
Hart Bochner as Steve Johnson
Romano Orzari as Joey Perrotta
Bruce Ramsay as Gabor Szabo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johanna_lives 3 / 10

Stupid and Horrible, to the utmost.

um, well... where to begin. i guess at the beginning. From the start, the movie didn't look at all promising, but i watched it anyway because I was sick and I couldn't be bothered doing anything but watching crappy TV. Throughout the movie, I didn't care about the main couple who were aching to have a baby. I didn't sympathise with that stupid lady, despite the best attempts of the writers. It's a bad sign when you just don't care. One good thing about the film is the 'bad guy' who auctions off the babies. I found him to be quite amusing, which was not the intended effect. haha. I watched the whole thing and I still don't know why. I guess I like to finish things- I don't recommend to even START watching this film. Now, for the worst part. I was hoping the film was nearly finished, accepting that the bad guy was caught. I was perfectly satisfied with the couple not getting the baby. But the writers weren't. The ending is HORRIBLE. And I mean it with the passion of all my heart. I can't quite explain how it made me feel- sort of revolted. The couple actually gets the baby, because the 'Judge-Judy'-like judge sees their 'loving hearts' and decides that the baby is best with them. Sickening. It was Excruciatingly CHEESY. A last word- just don't watch this movie. For your own good.

Reviewed by cardenas41 1 / 10


The saddest part is that it's a true story. I didn't like the couple from the beginning. I felt they felt too entitled. The movie doesn't depict how many couples fell for this baby. How about the couples that saw the baby but weren't able to afford the baby. They have feelings, heart, and a desire for a baby, so what happened to them? Also, the couple, Nathalie and Johnson, have a child so why not give a chance to couples that don't even have a child. If the real couple is any way like the characters of this movie is simply sad. The only character that was interesting to watch was Mr. Szabo. The entire movie is upsetting and very wrong.

Reviewed by edwagreen 10 / 10

Baby for Sale Presents A My Blue (Pink) Heaven ****

The only criticism I had over this movie is that Dana Delany may have been too old for the part. Otherwise, this was an excellent presentation depicting what childless couples may be subjected to- baby brokers taking advantage of a difficult situation and selling babies to those who wish to pay the most. It is shocking that these outrages aren't necessarily totally against the law.

Delany and Bochner play a couple deceived by a supposed Hungarian attorney. They decide to fight this by attempting to trap the lawyer with the aid, of course, by the police.

Even after this is accomplished, the film goes on to become even better by showing the possible problems they have in the pursuit to adopt this adorable baby girl.

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