Baby on Board


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 4.2 10 3259

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May 24, 2021 at 02:40 AM


John Corbett as Danny Chambers
Heather Graham as Angela Marks
Lara Flynn Boyle as Mary Radcliffe
Jerry O'Connell as Curtis Marks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ungerbug 2 / 10

Big Disppointment

I was anticipating this film because of the great cast and the internet preview. This film had the potential to be good...and funny and I tried to really tried to get into it. However, it made me so uncomfortable, I could barely watch it in its entirety. It just kept getting more and more obnoxious and offensive. The jokes were over the top disgusting. It left me feeling like my intelligence and dignity had been compromised. I didn't mind the overused slapstick, but combined with the sick sexual humor I was left wondering "WHY?" Where was the talent? What do they teach in film school these days? In all fairness, I think that Heather Graham did the best she could. She deserves better material. We all do!!

Reviewed by tan_pandit 2 / 10

Possibly the most horrible Heather Graham film yet

I am a fan of Heather Graham, but this movie .... It is even worse than the universally panned "Say it Isn't So", which, apart from the great Sally Fields was bad even for a straight-to-DVD film. How come HG can't choose a good film ? Fart 'jokes', puke gross-out 'gags' and the like should indicate a bad script. She can be a really great actress when she wishes; does she not wish ? The premise is HG's character ( "character" ) has to market a new perfume designed for pregnant women. The usual tales of unfaithful husbands, pregnancies, and work mishaps ensue for our heroine, the 'best friend', and the inevitable gay friend. Oh dear. I would call it juvenile, but even juveniles would not find anything to take home. I give this a 2 since it has Heather Graham in it. Otherwise it would be in negative numbers.

Reviewed by femprof 1 / 10

there is a reason you never saw this movie in a theater near you

GOD AWFUL. This movies is the the kind of crap actors make when they are first starting out, not when they are established. I have NO IDEA how big name actors ended up in the trite mishmash of misogynistic stereotypes. Laura Flynn Boyle looks like a poster child for cosmetic interventions gone awry. The other actors are decent in their roles since they are fairly good in most anything, but the dialog is contrived, the plot reminiscent of fraternity flicks, and the overall affect is just plain embarrassing for all involved. All I can figure is that some body made a deal with the devil or the script changed considerably after the stars signed on. No distributor was willing to take it on, so Baby on Board had only limited release. No doubt based on its star power, DVD showings will be better, but this film is not even worth your basic veg out in front of the TV trial.

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