Bachelor Party


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 52%
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Tom Hanks as Rick Gassko
Tawny Kitaen as Debbie Thompson
Wendie Jo Sperber as Dr. Tina Gassko
Adrian Zmed as Jay O'Neill
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jodyfranz 6 / 10

This movie doesn't try to hide what it is, a fun stupid movie

This is one of those typical fun over the top stupid movies with some pretty funny moments. This movie is all about the naked women, fart jokes, dick jokes etc. Sometimes I forget Tom Hanks got his start in comedy. This is a fairly good reminder. If your in the mood for dumb, crude humor then this is a perfect movie to watch.

Reviewed by Movie_Muse_Reviews 4 / 10

Some good screwball comedy instincts, but the misogyny is overpowering

Pardon the grumpiness, but "Bachelor Party" might be the most misogynistic comedy ever realized on screen. At least that I've seen. There's room to be forgiving of the attitude toward women that most 20th century films have, but "Bachelor Party" seems to bend over backward to make women the butt of the joke — or more accurately to this film, the t**s.

"Bachelor Party" sees bus driver Rick (Tom Hanks) and retail worker Debbie (Tawny Kitaen) deciding to get married, launching Rick's sad sack of a friend group — Jay (Adrian Zmed), Gary (Gary Grossman), Rudy (Barry Diamond), and Ryko (Michael Dudikoff) — into discussion of the hookers they're going to hire. Meanwhile, Rick's disapproving future father-in-law (George Grizzard) convinces his preferred choice for Debbie, Cole (Robert Prescott) to sabotage the party and the engagement. The film is the series of gags that ensue, which also includes what happens at Debbie's shower.

So many films of this era are patterned this way, with sex-themed debauchery the primary objective. What sets "Bachelor Party" apart — in all the wrong ways — is its one- dimensional (that dimension being sex-crazed) characters whom it holds up as being cool and clever despite programming them to do nothing but objectify women. Of course Rick is written to be the exception — and serve as the film's argument for why it isn't sexist.

Bob Israel, with writers Neal Israel and Pat Proft —who just a few months before this film released their first "Police Academy" movie — write a funny screwball comedy in many respects, but so many jokes are contrived and tailored to sexual situations, i.e. laughs that come at the expense of women (and in one case, a trans character). That it even flirts with a character having sex with a donkey is sad. Other things can be funny.

The film's ambition to be the next "Animal House" is so transparent that it borders on pathetic. There's its use of Mozart to create irony similar to the opening of "Animal House," but the coup de grace is when Rudy, the character with rocks for brains (aka this movie's Bluto/John Belushi), is seen chugging a bottle of Jack Daniel's. Only "Animal House" can be "Animal House." That film at least made up for its treatment of women with a unique quirkiness, charming characters and a greater purpose in evoking the nostalgia of the vintage collegiate experience.

Israel and Proft do a killer job in one respect — Rick's dialogue. In spite of everything around him, Hanks might give his funniest performance of all time in this movie. His lines are razor sharp and display incredible wit and Hanks oozes with charm. His work and character salvage the movie and then some.

It feels harsh to go after a film from 1984 for being misogynistic; "Bachelor Party" was far from the lone perpetrator. Yet the design of this movie calls particular attention to its penchant for exploitation and sours the experience of revisiting this comedy in a way it doesn't for other similar films.

~Steven C

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Reviewed by jimbo-53-186511 1 / 10

A painful overacting shouting contest

Rick Gassko (Tom Hanks) is getting married to his partner Debbie Thompson (Tawny Kitaen). As a last hurrah, his friends decide to make his last few days as a bachelor a memorable occasion by throwing a 'bachelor party' for Rick, but predictability things get out of hand.

To criticise a film like Bachelor Party for being lewd and crude is probably a little unfair; after all these things can work in a film as long what you're seeing is funny, but very little actually works in this film.

The script is rather shaky and at times a lot of the plot elements seem unlikely or hard to believe; I found it difficult to understand why someone like Debbie would want to marry someone like Rick in the first place? What exactly does she see in him? OK, he has some likable qualities, but that aside I found it hard to believe that any respectable woman would want to be with him and nothing that we witness gives us any reason to believe in their romance. There is also a sub-plot involving another guy trying to sabotage Rick and Debbie's relationship which seldom raises any laughs and is just plain stupid. He spends his whole time trying to make Rick look bad when Rick is seemingly perfectly capable of doing this himself which, to me, seemed like a lot of wasted effort.

You know what though, this is a film so therefore I can genuinely roll with the story, and perhaps suspend some disbelief for how the story unfolds, but what really grates here is that the film is generally unfunny as a whole. There are no real jokes or gags in the film and what we're left with are a lot of gross-out scenes with all of the actors shouting at each other in some kind of embarrassing 'overacting contest'. There are a couple of minor chuckles in this film, but these moments are drowned out by the director's own indulgence and excess. As well as being irritating, many of the characters are unlikeable making this film hard to tolerate over its 100 minute running time. I think one of the biggest missteps here was portraying one of Rick's friends as being a depressed man who hates his marriage - this was presumably intended to be funny, but this character has no dimension or depth and as a result he comes across as being a whiny annoying jerk (like all of the other characters).

The failures in this film can be attributed to both writer and director; the script is generic and weak, filled with one dimensional characters who are given nothing to work with. Likewise the director is also to blame for allowing all of the actors to embarrass themselves in what is nothing more than a painful exercise in overacting and shouting with very little spark or imagination. It's a horrid, humourless, indulgent piece from start to finish.

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