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Sterling Holloway as Bill Giddings
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 4 / 10

A decent time-passer....nothing more.

"Back Page" is a very low-budget film from tiny Pyramid Productions. And, because it's a very cheap B-movie, the cast is mostly made up of unknowns and a few scenes where folks flubbed their lines were STILL included in the movie!

The story begins with a lady reporter becoming angry with the newspaper owner, as he killed her story and she resented it. Since she's tired of beig a little fish in a little pond, she takes her friend's suggestion to go to a tiny paper in order to run things herself. Soon Ms. Hampton is the managing editor and the tiny fly-by-night paper is growing very quickly. But there are some dishonest folks in town who are determined to take over the paper and stop its crusading ways.

At about 24:55 and 55:25, some lines were badly blown. But the director didn't bother re-shooting it...most likely because Pyramid couldn't afford it! This, combined with a mediocre story about a plucky lady reporter, consign this to the category of a time-passer and nothing more. Not terrible but not all that good either.

Reviewed by boblipton 7 / 10

Surprisingly Strong Second Feature

A very good second feature about a young woman, fired from her big-city newspaper job, who takes over a small town paper and makes a go of it. If you are used to seeing precode movies from big studios with large budgets, you may have issues with the barebone values of this production, but it is worth a look, if only to see if you will enjoy this sort of socially responsible movie.

The strong script includes some real insight into the problems of getting advertisers, small town politics and 1930s feminism. Unhappily, Peggy Shannon, in the lead role, is not up to the part and Sterling Holloway has an obnoxious comedy part, but the rest of the cast is excellent and the issues raised will not be totally alien to the modern viewer.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 7 / 10

Small town newspaper, run by big city woman, hits pay dirt.

A great performance by Peggy Shannon elevates this newspaper drama to make it a hidden gem amongst the thousands of low budget films to come out of Hollywood's B studios in the golden age of movie making. It's the story of an aging newspaper owner (the lovable Claude Gillingwater) who fears that a local big wig is out to take over his paper. In a last ditch effort to save his paper from going under the thumb of somebody who would surely ruin it, he brings in a New York City reporter named Jerry to be its new editor, unaware that Jerry is actually a woman! She's pretty tough, too, and takes on the ruthless Edwin Maxwell without fear, winning the respect of Gillingwater and his staff as well as the townspeople when she exposes a fraud concerning a local oil well which many people invested their life savings in.

Sterling Holloway gives a fine comic performance as a rather effeminate and delightfully eccentric co-worker at the newspaper, and Russell Hopton is fine as Shannon's love interest who has more than a passing interest in what happens concerning the actions of the ruthless Maxwell. Ottola Nesmith, as the newspaper's secretary, will steal your heart as she overhears what is going on concerning the oil well and reacts to it. There's also a fascinating scene with the townsfolk discussing the oil well's sudden success. It is so obvious that these were non-actors, just real people pulled off the street, because the lack of annunciation on the old lady's disinterest in gaining money is so honest and refreshing. These are things you don't see in movies from the main studios that make the poverty row filmmakers sometimes a lot more interesting and realistic.

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