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Nicholas Ball as Mr. Williams
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deadpoetlive 4 / 10

Extended film student short

When you are the director, writer, editor, producer and cinematogapher and only show promise in one of these fields maybe it is time to focus your abilities in a single direction. Overpowering and displaced music at the beginning before any empathy was gained towards the protagonist was irritating. Mostly poor acting, though the lead did not do terribly with what he was given. Sometimes an atmospheric mood was reached only to be constantly undermined by over indulgence in 'some' good cinematography and over repetition. Confused writing yet predictable 'twist'. For a proper study in grief try 'Three colours blue'. Annoyingly at least 4 of the current eight reviews are almost certainly linked with the film (only review and joined at same time) otherwise I may have marked it higher for some of the beautiful (if randomly edited) shots.

Reviewed by ccandruby 9 / 10

Subtle Intrigue

The combination of leads Jeffrey Charles Richards and Emily Price makes for a sustainable intrigue threading throughout the film. With minimal cast, the story slowly unfolds revealing great pain endured by Harry, portrayed beautifully by Richards. Silent in dialogue, an array of musical choices enhances a build up of emotion as Richards reveals true anguish, line for line, in a seasoned face of despair. Watts-Joyce is a refreshing face lighting up scenes with her beauty and delivery. Complete opposites in scenes together, Price unknowingly pulls at heart-strings as Richards' character labors between past and reality. Richards delivers one scene after another with fluidity in natural dialogue creating an effortless match with Price, both actors believable and true on film.

Reviewed by jhawk-98056 8 / 10

Psychological thriller about grief

This stunning film was sadly categorized as a horror film--it is not. It is a psychological thriller about the depths of grief. As someone who has known the depths of grief, this film took me to my core. It does not follow the typical American plot scheme or resolution but is a European film that lingers as a beautiful poem that haunts or as a mirror that reveals what others cannot see. Rich performances are complemented by photography that blurs reality as grief does, Worth watching.

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