Battle of the Damned


Action / Adventure / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Dolph Lundgren as Max Gatling
Matt Doran as Reese
David Field as Duke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 4 / 10

Battle of the Damned: About as mindless as you'd expect

Dolph Lungren stars in yet another straight to DVD action film. This time he plays a former military man recruited by a wealthy guy to go somewhere dangerous and extract his daughter. So yeah basically the same plot as a couple of hundred other action flicks.

The twist is the "Dangerous area" is full of zombies, and on top of that military grade robots are also out in force.

With a hostile reception from all sides upon his arrival Lungren must dig deep to find and rescue the girl.

It's dumb, it looks shoddy and despite the zombies vs robots thing which is remotely original the whole thing feels oddly familiar.

For fans of Lungren or hardcore zombie nuts only.

The Good:

Lungren still looks the part

Kind of original

The Bad:

Crappy zombies

SFX more miss than hit

Weak kills

Seven shades of dumb

Reviewed by waste420 8 / 10

high octane zombie fun (with robots from a previous movie??)

now see, this is a fun little zombie movie. instead of focusing on the survival aspect, this is mostly big Dolph and his buddies pummeling and running from HUGE hoards of zombies. one weird part of this film is that it includes a band of four "service robots" who, in previous film "ROBOTROPOLIS" massacred a mining town due to a program corruption. now this is even stranger because I've never seen the previous film, but heard about it on the message board here, and in THIS film, the robots mention the massacre and program error, so its the same robots LMAO!!!sorry to ramble on, but give this one a try, its a pretty fun throwback to trashier days starring a great action trash actor ;)

Reviewed by angil_x 6 / 10

Better than I expected

There was some sketchy dialog particularly noticeable when Dolph's character max was speaking with his fellow soldier while they were walking on the bridge early in the movie, and some of the acting was stilted, but I loved that the zombies moved quickly and the robots were fun. The Dolphster is getting old, you could tell by his movements, especially when he runs, but he is in excellent shape. Dolph plays the part of the stoic unwilling hero well. The CGI was not Lucas film quality but it was not distracting. The main characters had clear personalities and weren't all generic. I only wish the end wasn't so predictable as to who would survive.

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