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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arfdawg-1 5 / 10

Falls Apart 2/3 In

I thought this was going to be really horrible. Turns out it wasn't bad. Until two thirds into it. Then it sort of fell apart. One thing you will keep asking yourself over and over again is -- why don't these guys fight back -- especially when you know you are going to die. Too bad. It could have been better with better writing

Reviewed by omendata 7 / 10

Wow a decent horror at last - its been a while!

I was not expecting much going into this but came out with a lot more than expected.

Good acting from the cast and quite professional for a low budgeter! Even the quadcopter photography of the opening intro was lush and boded well and I was not disappointed.

Love the references to the Spartans and the loose tie in with the illuminati and whilst it used the Hostel torture porn gimmick it was not overstated or gratuitous like so many of the copycats try and fail with.

The pictures on the wall were a clue as were the special Greek/Spartan ceremonial knives in the box in the hallway!

Somebody mentioned in the reviews that they did not understand the ending. The reason the membership was thrown on the ground was that only the privileged elite had the membership pin attached to them - throwing it on the floor requiring the rotund bloke to pick it up was meant as offering him it but as he was regarded as a servile lower class he had to pick it up - at least that is what i took from it.

Its an obvious dig at the rich and powerful (dominantly white if you had not noticed) leaders and people who control the population ie the illuminati as mentioned by the bespectacled character in the movie.

It was simple , brutal and with subtle underlying political messages without being overtly lib-tard like most movies seem to be pushing their tiresome agenda at every turn to the detriment of the movie itself.

If you are looking for something decent to watch, then this should fit the bill nicely.

For those who did not catch the mention of the Krypteia and basically what established the plot for the film here you go:

Only Spartans who had served in the Krypteia as young men could expect to achieve the highest ranks in Spartan society and army. It was felt that only those Spartans who showed the willingness and ability to kill for the state at a young age were worthy to join the leadership in later years.

Certain young Spartan men who had completed their training at the agoge with such success that they were marked out as potential future leaders would be given the opportunity to test their skills and prove themselves worthy of the Spartan polity through participation in the Krypteia.

Every autumn, the Spartan ephors would pro forma declare war on the helot population so that any Spartan citizen could kill a helot without fear of punishment. At night, the chosen kryptes (members of the Krypteia) were sent out into the Laconian countryside armed with knives with the instructions to kill any helot they encountered and to take any food they needed. This practice was instigated to prevent the threat of a rebellion by the helots and to keep their population in check.

According to Cartledge, Krypteia members stalked the helot villages and surrounding countryside, spying on the servile population. Their mission was to prevent and suppress unrest and rebellion. Troublesome helots could be summarily executed. Such brutal repression of the helots permitted the Spartan elite to successfully control the servile agrarian population and devote themselves to military practice. It may also have contributed to the Spartans' reputation for stealth since a kryptes who got caught was punished by whipping.

So not only did we get a pretty good little horror thriller but I learned something new into the bargain - cannot say that a lot these days with the dire remakes and turgid plots these days!

Reviewed by TwistedContent 6 / 10

Neat Little Thriller

I didn't know what to expect from "Pledge" & I'm happy to say that it turned out to be a tight little indie horror/thriller.

We've seen the idea hundreds of times before, yet the director and writer managed to serve an old formula with some additional garnish. Things I liked about "Pledge" includes cinematography and editing - considering the obviously low budget, it's simply yet beautifuly shot and executed, visually it's quite appealing, starting with wide variety of shots and ending with feels-right color grading. I also enjoyed the gore & choreography - both things do not take up a lot of screentime, but when they're there, you can appreciate the effort & the result. I was also surprised about the acting, which was more decent than my sceptical mind was expecting, given the little known, young team of actors. However, the characters were not all that great - David was just begging to get killed, being quite an annoying character. The three main villains did not impress, scare or have any real impact on me as well, they were slightly underwhelming. The story is simple, entertaining, with small twists here and there - definitely holds your attention just enough.

All in all, "Pledge" will not make you go "wow", but it will entertain You for 75 straight minutes & satisfy the appetite for a good indie horror flick. A solid 6/10.

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