Being Frank



IMDb Rating 6 10 1016

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brandon081571 5 / 10

Great movie with a major flaw

The casting and acting were nearly perfect in this film. If you could take the first 90 prevent of it and stick a new ending on it then it probably would have been one of the best movies of the year. Unfortunately the ending falls completely flat. The viewer gets no reward for the time invested in these characters.

I can't even really recommend it to anyone because even though the vast majority of the movie is wonderful it ultimately falls short. Completely and utterly.

Reviewed by stevepat99 8 / 10

They pulled it off!

Comedy about a man living a double life with two families for 20 years? Movies with such serious seeming themes are not made for comedies. Walking the line if a tough act which, when accomplished, usually results in classic type black comedies. In this case Frank's writers pull it off in fun and also serious fashion. Son Philip and dad Frank are both likeable and do well acting. The remainder of the cast also does well. The writer(s) win the day crafting a dandy back story and current goings on. Frank's effort to convince his son Philip that he did the 'right' thing, embarking on a double life, given the circumstances. What else was a man to do!

The writers missed a final fun twist. They could have had wife #2 announce her first child was not Franks removing a major obstacle to sibling love.

That aside, well done!

Reviewed by ops-52535 8 / 10

quite a pleasure

Infidelity and adultry, siblings and halfsiblings, a wife here and a wife there, never mind it tastes good, the bitter taste comes in the end whatever you do

its a comedy with a bit seriousity, alot of hide and seek, some teenage festival humour, and a whole lot of family-business. its the story about the man that has made himself two families, and have lived that life successsfully for nearly 20 years till the day he is being disclosed by one of his somns, and so the blackmailing and the whole charade starts.

its quite an original turn on the idea, and the sort of filmgenre that is hard to make a good ending on, but i think they do it well, and the acting are allover pretty good and you really feel the desperation at times. some may feel the makers are just scratching the surface of the topic , but its meant to be a comedy, and they have made a good one too( i skiped dinner to end the film)

so the grumpy old man recommends a view of this family bundle, its good and its fun...

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