The New Romantic


Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 64%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 1085


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Brett Dier as Jacob
Avan Jogia as Matt
Jessica Barden as Blake
Timm Sharp as Ian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by e-angelou 6 / 10

The New Romantic Review of the film

It's worth to watch this movie for one important reason: so you know what not to do with your life, not to push beyond thin lines. And also, to process some personality traits that we may all have but we may as well hide. This film shows how possible it is to be on "the other side" by just being yourself, not resisting, not having any moral restrictions, nothing to hold you back. It challenges matters of personality, ethics as well as social interpersonal relationships.

Reviewed by bardavidi 6 / 10

never ask the director what the movie's about

First off, you should know that this IS a movie critical of sugar baby/daddy culture. It does not, however, pass judgement on its lead Blake played by Jessica Barden.

Other than Barden's great acting it doesn't really have any solid cinematography or outstanding memorable score.

Plotwise, any scene beside Blake sugar babying feels replaceable and at times plain cliche (halloween party on April) and name-dropping Nora Efron directly to outline her writing roots feels lazy.

This is a movie that has its soul and originality inside the criticism on the topic of sugar babies - the decision to respond to a topical subject is wonderful.

But cinema demands to be more than TELLING a good story, it's the art of showing it.

Reviewed by otemankatia 9 / 10

Excellent portrayal of dating as a millennial

Not only is the writing and acting strong in this movie, it's an excellent portrayal and social commentary about dating as a millennial (or gen Z). Whie those who are expecting a cheesy rom com will be disappointed, it's a very clever movie. Are relationships based on love or survival? Have women become a commodity in the tinder era? Are we judged by everyone all day, in person, and on social media? The ending veered a bit too close to a silly rom com but over-all its excellent. I am shocked the ratings aren't higher

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