Between Us


Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.6 10 721

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by larrys3 4 / 10

Characters Become Too Unlikable

In this relationship drama, Dianne (Olivia Thirlby) and Henry (Ben Feldman) have been living together for six years. However, when serious thought is given to marriage they will begin to engage in very destructive actions that certainly will put everything they've built up in jeopardy.

The filmmaker here, Rafael Palacio Illingworth, I imagine is asking the audience to somehow emotionally connect and feel for these characters. However for me, they became so unlikable that I wasn't able to really care about them.

Look for a number of known actors throughout the movie, some with cameos while others more substantial roles. There's lots of raw language, some nudity, as well as some explicit sex scenes and references in the film.

Overall, as mentioned, I could never connect with these characters and thus did not really enjoy the movie. Also, the rather ambiguous ending did not help very much either.

Reviewed by bjarias 5 / 10

..the ending (or what should be) of a six-year relationship ..

They really do seem like two people in a very stale relationship, and having no workable plan as to how and save it.. or move on and break up with each other. None of the characters are very likable. You're never given enough information about them to either like or dislike them.. and the story never goes anywhere either. Even the ending sorts nothing out.. except they're in each other arms, after having slapped teach other around a bit, and they are halfheartedly telling the other they hate them. Maybe they're just trying to convince themselves what they know already about what should be done, but they lack the spirit of their convictions. The acting is pretty solid, it's the uncertainly of everything else that just wears ya down, till the end all ya want is for it to be over.. no matter what eventually happens.

Reviewed by jeunhye 9 / 10

Admit i am writing as a fan, but this is a story worth hearing..

I honestly think the characters are quite human, act was great. It's fine tasting movie with things to chew on and think about relationship. Of course they are unlikable characters but it talks about most of our true desire inside, and it happens to be too short ending. I still don't know why this is under appreciated. Should have been to a film festival instead.

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