Joseph: King of Dreams


Adventure / Animation / Biography / Drama / Family / History / Musical

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Mark Hamill as Judah
Ben Affleck as Joseph
Judith Light as Zuleika
Jodi Benson as Asenath
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by queeny479 7 / 10

A pleasant watch...

This is Dreamworks' 2nd attempt at an animated movie based on a Biblical story (note the word "based"...plenty of artistic liberty is taken). Though it can't hold a candle to "Prince of Egypt", it is a fair attempt and a pleasant movie to watch.

The animation doesn't seem to be top notch (or at least as well as Dreamworks demonstrated in PoE), but it was easy to get used to. The songs were not particularly memorable (ie: I couldn't tell you more than a line of lyrics used), but I can't really complain because the music was very nice and the singing was good. Not enough to blow me away, but a pleasant background to the story.

Perhaps what I liked best were the characters themselves. After experiencing Andrew Lloyd Webber's take on the Joseph story, I was eager to see how someone would take it seriously. I found that the movie made Joseph to be a rounded character. I mean, he had character flaws! Good for him! The brother's sudden change (well, I guess there were 20 years...) wasn't bothersome, and I thought Potiphar was particularly well done. Asenath was a nice addition as well.

Overall, a nice way to get kids to enjoy the story. A good execution of the story, which did make me care about the characters. Okay animation and music. 7.5 out of 10.

Reviewed by Julia1989 10 / 10


This is a good film in every which way. It's the best animation I've seen so far. It's not only has a fantastic plot but the animation was also great. The character designs are very lively looking. Even without the singing animals and fairies and gnomes it's an exceptionally enjoyable. I love the movie particularly because it's so devoted to the original Biblical plot. (unlike "Prince of Egypt" which is very inaccurate. no offense though, "Prince of Egypt" was a nice one, too!) it's a great film to introduce people into Bible. *It's the 1st time I've developed a crush on an animation character!*(the cartoon figure of Joseph)

PERFECT!!! 10/10 from me!!

Reviewed by Mightyzebra 8 / 10

Such a good film - I nearly rate it 9!

Genre: Cartoon Bible story Musical

My thoughts: To admit the plain truth, I was a bit shy of watching this because we had watched the "Prince Of Egypt" by the same makers and DID NOT like it! We watched this just over a month ago and I really like it! Since then I've watched it about four or five times (including once yesterday) and I'm STILL not bored of it (I think my bro's a bit bored of it. He keeps saying this film is "barking religious" but then he thinks that about anything that's religious). I like this film because of the beautiful songs (I can't stop singing "You know better than I", but of course my bro's bored of it because he's changed it to "I know better than you" and he gets a good laugh. I'm more bored of that version than the original!), stunning animation, good characters and it does a good job on the bible story.

What it all adds up to: Beautiful songs + Stunning animation + A good job on the bible story + Memorable characters = The beautiful film that is "Joseph: King Of Dreams. Enjoy! :)

What happens: Joseph is the first born of Rachel, which makes him a miracle child. In a way he is! He outshines his half-brothers and makes his father and mother happy. He even receives a beautiful, shining coat...

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