Among the Shadows


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Lindsay Lohan as Patricia
Charlotte Beckett as Kristy Wolfe
Daniel Hugh Kelly as Bittencourt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LoremIpsum321 1 / 10

Total GARBAGE, and that is flattery!

A crime, revenge thriller about pseudo political power play, some conspiracies, and of course: Werewolfs and vampires in the United States of Europe! Well, one could think this might sound good in a silly but fun way. Sadly, such a possible illusion vanishes into thin air as soon as the first scenes are over and you know you have a real stinker at hand. This so called film doesn't know what it wants to be and ultimately ends up as a complete disaster. The story in an incoherent mess, the dialogues resemble juvenile babbling at best, the so called action scenes are to 100 percent lame and terribly edited, plus each and every actor is unable to perform above elementary school play level. Lohan's career appears to be have flushed down the toilet for good now. Not a big loss, though.

The probably only positive thing to say is the locations have a certain flair. But that's really all there is. Not enough to have kept me awake, so I saw the first half and the "ending". At least it was a good nap.

Budget:$12,000,000 (estimated) as IMDb states? Only if a scheme was involved to rob tax payers money via accessing government film funds à la Uwe Boll.

Reviewed by quislingmcconnell 1 / 10

What could they possibly have spent $12,000,000 on?

First I should mention that I got to see this with two friends for free - if you search in the right spot and add "Lifetime movie" to the title you will find that someone has already pirated this piece of dross onto the internet.

This will never become a cult classic since it's not "awful but funny", it's just plain awful. The plot is impossible to follow, the actors are amateurish and some are downright impossible to understand, the lighting is abominable, werewolves and vampires come and go for no discernible reason, there's no continuity between scenes and . . . well I could go on but why bother.

And then there's this, what is the need of a smoke machine for an interior scene?

Since Lindsay Lohan is the only recognizable name in the cast(except maybe Charlotte Beckett), let's talk a bit about her performance:

  • She delivers every line in a flat, gravely voice.
  • Her eyes dart to the left and right as she reads her lines.
  • I'm going to guess she blew off coming in every day after a while. In some scenes, it's obvious that they just put her in front of a green screen and spliced her in with actors who already filmed the scene without her.
  • There are actually times when there's a body double who neither looks or sounds like Lohan reading her lines. BTW, this is not a bad thing since the anonymous person is a more convincing actress than Lohan.
  • The only good thing is she's not in a whole lot of the film, at least for the 50 minutes or so that I managed to watch this.

Now let's talk about what's good about the film, or at least what didn't repulse me, and that would be the aforementioned Charlotte Beckett. She's pretty, she looks good in black, she's a passable actress who doesn't need to read her lines off of a large piece of markerboard. That's about it.

To sum it up, this will never be a cult favorite but it could be the final wooden stake in the heart of Lohan's career. On the other hand, that Saudi Arabian production of Lohan starring in an all female film about an American woman who comes to teach a harem about God knows what sounds intriguing (said no one, ever.)

Reviewed by lesuperchef 1 / 10

Just no

Horrible, awful!!!! didn't get to 10mins and had to switch off and I like bad movie.s this is just awful

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