White Irish Drinkers



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 45%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 1697


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Stephen Lang as Patrick
Karen Allen as Margaret
Peter Riegert as Whitey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crcauthen 10 / 10

Great Movie, Wonderful Acting and Writing

This is an incredibly good movie, the kind they don't seem to make anymore, with a pretty simple, straightforward conflict, amazingly good acting and writing, and it evokes a time and place (Brooklyn 1977) perfectly.

At the top of a long list of very good performances are Stephen Lang as the alcoholic father, Karen Allen as the stoic but deeply-loving mother, the amazing Nick Thurston (who I had not heard of before) as the son, and Leslie Murphy as his love interest.

In smaller roles Peter Reigert and Geoffrey Wigdor are extremely good.

John Gray's script and direction are extremely moving without being overblown or showy.

This movie is very emotionally honest. It clearly was a labor of love for everybody involved.

Lots of movies seem to me to be overly clever and self-regarding, throwing curve ball after curve ball at you while they're looking in the mirror smirking. This movie is a fastball right over the plate.

Reviewed by karamlinda 9 / 10

The story of our lives

(I wanted to give 9.5 because almost nothing is a 10, but fractions are not allowed ...)

Invited by a friend of a friend, I saw a preview and was prepared to politely praise the film even if I didn't like it. But I was surprised. This film is sincere, unpretentious, extremely well written and well acted. The story captured my interest from beginning to end. High marks go to all of the actors -- Karen Allen, Peter Riegert, Nick Thurston at an existential crossroads, Geoffrey Wigdor as his older brother who is already lost to the streets, and especially Stephen Lang (the baddie from Avatar), a formidable actor who digs his fingers into your heart. I saw grown men in our audience surreptitiously wiping their eyes!

I don't know much about film-making, but I know what holds me. Whatever the makers did, they did right. Good luck!

Reviewed by phudson938 10 / 10

White Irish Drinkers-Brilliant film, brilliant writing!

Nick Thurston was brilliant as the young, struggling artist. However, it was the writing that made him, as well as the rest of the film so convincing. As an artist (and teacher of young artists), I was impressed with the authenticity of the dialog, the astonishingly beautiful art direction and all the skilled nuances that brought the Brian Leary character to life.It was a spellbinding, compassionate portrait of a creative soul as much as it was a gritty tale of coming of age. I also found the film visually compelling and powerful-which all points back brilliant writing. Kudos to John Gray. Not for nothing, the closing scenes and the powerful gifts of Stephen Lang were spectacularly effective. I can't remember the last time (if ever) a film made me stand up, cheer and pump my fit at the end! I do hope this film receives the broad audience and recognition it and its creators so richly deserve.

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