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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 12%
IMDb Rating 2.6 10 1621

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Sherilyn Fenn as Sheriff Becky Alvarez
Cynthia Geary as Sueanne
Bruce Davison as Sheriff Walt Henderson
Andre Royo as Al Hunter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jamesashman79 1 / 10

Absolutely terrible

This is probably one of the worst pieces of television I have watched in a long time.

The CGI is appalling, the physics of how the Bigfoot moves is comical and borders on stop motion quality.

The so called "concert" has no more than 30 people in the crowd, and this is obvious from the camera shots, yet the dubbed sound suggests there are thousands in attendance. The stage looked like it was constructed by drunk children as well. And to think Alice Cooper made an appearance in this is just sad.

The acting is ropey at best, the characters are unbelievable, The so called "master hunter" cannot even hold a rifle correctly.

To summarise, THIS IS GARBAGE and should never have been made. Waste of time for all involved.

Reviewed by bkwormonthenet 2 / 10

Cheese would have been OK, but stupid drags it down

I was looking forward to the intentional cheesiness of the Partridge vs. Brady hype, but the movie just has too many stupid people doing stupid things that no real person would do. Ruined the fun for me. Also, since when is Bigfoot supposedly bigger than a house and yet could still never be found? And when did he start ripping people apart and eating them?

As the story went on, it just seemed like people in that community had been doing stupid things for maybe a century. No one could ever put 2 and 2 together and make 4.

At least Danny Bonnaduce realizes that his career is made up of playing some silly version of himself and glories in it. Poor Barry Williams has to play his role straight-faced and serious, trying so hard to make a glaring eye look more glaring and intense by keeping it glaring longer and twisting his inherently droopy face. I think he got the bad end of the deal on this one.

I had hoped for a good bad-movie-night film, but it's so much worse than that. Makes me sad. This could have been done with the right attitude and just a small grain of intelligence and been fun.

Reviewed by davidsmith666999 1 / 10

So Bad - it's not just bad - it's BAD!

Quite possibly the worst TV movie ever made.

The special effects Bigfoot reminded me of the Snow Monster from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Only the snow monster was scary.

While this movie was suppose to be cheesy and way out there. It failed on every level of film making. It was so awful even the editing sucked. The editing.

Terrible script. Awful acting. Horrible cinematography. Dumb story. Cheesy special effects. There is not one redeemable facet of this movie. Worst Director of the year.

I was embarrassed for everyone involved, especially Sherilyn Fenn, who I love. She was the only one I felt did a good job till she sprung into "action" halfway through. By that point I was laughing and gasping for the pain I felt for this group.

Had they taken this garbage script and played it like satire, and went ten times over board on the set, it might have been so bad it's good.

I'll never get out of my brain Greg Brady on that flying contraption. Oh, my God, what the hell were they thinking?

While I understand actors need to act to put food on the table. I'm ashamed for everyone involved.

Horrendous, simply horrendous.

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