Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Music / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 100149


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Keanu Reeves as Ted 'Theodore' Logan
Alex Winter as Bill S. Preston
Diane Franklin as Princess Joanna
George Carlin as Rufus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Agent10 8 / 10

Anyone who hates this film has a sad and sorry existence

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was probably one of the most compelling films I've experienced since I first watched it. It has an idea only an indie director could possibly think of, but it avoids all of the campy expositions which would turn it into some bad "B" film. The story was great, and it was really one of the best depictions of high schools idiots in the history of Hollywood. I mean, you did not see these guys taking tokes or drinking in their spare time, which really vexed some people. They're just stupid for the sake of the story. While the technical aspects weren't special, they worked when they needed it. This film also had one of the best music soundtracks in the history of Hollywood, even if it was from the 1980s. Too many good things to say about this film besides the fact it is a film which doesn't take itself seriously.

Reviewed by hillarionsudbin 10 / 10

One of your favorite movies

As a child, this film laid me a lot of inspiration, fun, and Love of good music. Even after 10 years, this film still pleases Me as a child. The plot is simple, simple guys, gouge with a dream. They have a chance to change their future (george Carlin - I adore him) And the whole film is accompanied by travel and fun, as well as good music.

Reviewed by Gianfranco Gipponi Pessoa 7 / 10

My inner teen and my son, ask me to see it again...

Thanks to modern streaming services, today I was able to fulfill a long desired wish... watch again my all time favorite movies.

I decided to start with "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" mainly because the first time I saw it, I was about the same age as my boy is now, so what better "Father - Son" activity than seen a movie I hope he will come to love as much as I did back in the day.

Something that I have always loved about this movie was its simplicity yet imaginative story, even if for most, the story might be dumb I can guarantee you that you will end up having a good time.

For those who are wondering, my 12 year old son end up kind of linking the movie, of course he made jokes about the especial effects and about the impossibility of the story itself... but ultimately he end up having a good time, which meant we spent some quality afar her-son time together.

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